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A rant about the CV rework

WorldOfWarships1 - A rant about the CV rework

I've been playing IJN CVs for over two years with over 750 games put into them, mostly Shokaku and Hakuryu.

I was up until now but no longer a fairly irregular player. I would play 100 games every other month, then forget about the game for a while. In hindsight I should have played more while I could still play RTS CVs.

My playstyle with CVs would always be to deny DDs from capping points early. It would not matter if it was a Gearing or a Shima, if they tried they died (Unless they dropped a smokescreen which made it impossible to drop them reliably, but they rarely did this for some reason). After dropping a DD I would focus on farming low HP or otherwise vulnerable targets to thin the enemy team out. This could be lone DDs attempting to flank, or BBs overextending past their AA cover. I would rarely drop cruisers because they pretty much all have defensive AA, which was an instant, 30 seconds or so of 0 counterplay invulnerability for the CL and her team.

The key here is that I would strike vulnerable targets that would not respect me as a strike-oriented CV.

This strategy and flowchart approach netted me a 75% winrate on my most played CVs.

The goal of this rework, if I'm not mistaken, is to lower the skill ceiling to prevent CVs from being as oppressive in the hands of a good captain, and to make it compatible with consoles. I feel like WG have completely failed at the first part, and have made a boring, low skill-cap and utterly senseless rework that ruins the fun and learning aspect of playing CVs in favour of repetitive, brainless gameplay. When it comes to the dropping itself, there is a higher skill floor but the ceiling is burnt and collapsed to the ground. Several squadrons allowed for outplay of the enemy ships, which the single squadron you have now does not.


With the removal of fighters (and strafing) there is nothing I can do to protect my own potato teammates when they venture out alone, and I'm forced to watch them die to dots, game after game because their CV can drop bombs at intervals of 30 seconds for fire, and return 20 seconds later with a torpedo squadron.

After the rework I can still do everything I could before, but more boring, more tedious and more frustrating for the enemy players. If I was playing DD I would rather die in 20 seconds to a triple cross-drop than to two or three rotations of CV rocket-planes.

To fix this, I wold like for WG to revert the rework back to RTS and make the following changes to it:

-Reward AA-oriented ships for shooting down planes over their teammates (to encouraging ships to stay under their team's AA-screen).

-Reduce the aerial spotting range (to make it harder for CVs to drop DDs in the beginning of the game).

-Increase the zoom-out on the CV overhead view (quality of life).

-Fix the spaghetti-code-UI, both in-game and in port.

-Buff the AA of every non-AA-oriented ship slightly.

-Nerf AP bombs citadel damage.

-Increase availability of CVs (offer tutorials, make missions for trying out for new players, encourage grinding CVs for distinct national flavours (IJN torps, USN bombers…)).

I doubt this post will do anything to change the rework, as there are heaps of new potential CV players coming over from console, I'm sure.

TL;DR: CV rework screws over experienced players in favour of the potential for new players, and I don't like this.

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