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A recap of the past week in World of Warships from the viewpoint of the streamers

WorldOfWarships1 - A recap of the past week in World of Warships from the viewpoint of the streamers

Hello guys, FreetheBrain here. I do World of Warships – Best of Twitch weekly if you've ever watched my vids.

This Subreddit is where my videos first appeared and started to find an audience, so r/WorldOfWarships has a special place in my heart. With time I kind of lost the Reddit link though, which I'm sad about, so I would love to start posting again here. By making higher effort posts instead of posting links, I hope to actually contribute with something interesting and unique to Reddit.

I aim to share with you what happens during the week for each episode, how I choose people to feature, and also share my feelings about game related news. If you enjoy this post, hopefully this can be a regular thing, so do give me your feedback please. Do tell if this felt too long or not detailed enough. Naturally I am in the comments at all times available for a discussion.

Every week the episode has a somewhat unique theme. This week it was Googly eyes, eating Food, and Flambass doing a charity stream with his girlfriend – Mrs. Citadelle. Flambass achieved his charity goal and as a result dyed his hair. There were multiple highlights from this stream – Flambass scored a bunch of half- and fully blind kills, while Mrs. Citadelle lived up to her name and actually dished out citadels left and right to the dismay of Flambass. Flambino is a great entertainer and I love including him. It's been a long time since he has been the main face of the thumbnail though, since I try to not overuse the big streamers. I'm happy I got to put him on there this time. The occasion was worthy.

The theme with the Googly eyes comes from a streamer called Painezor. He is a friend and mod of StatsBloke and is probably someone to watch for in the future. The unique thing that he does is paste Googly eyes on the turrets and conning towers of ships. He had a lot of clips like this this week and it was a please to highlight him.

Finally, every week weird themes emerge organically. This time it was eating food. Mr__Gibbins was munching on likerish as usual, Wookie_Legend was a eating a cucumber, but most amusingly, Statsbloke completely consciously ate some extremely sour candy. His is a really long clip that I find very funny. Especially his facial expressions and the pacing of the situation.


Other things that happened: A persistent viewer kept asking Wargaming if they would sell the Belfast to him for 19k doubloons, a theme that has been present for a couple of episodes now, and more controversially, the devs talked about the recent mercenary addition to clan battles where players are allowed to participate in the CB sessions of other clans. The strange part is that Wargaming is against the practice of players paying each other money to boost clan battles performance by swapping accounts, but they don't mind doing that outright with the boosting players' own account.

Finally, from the featured streamers this is the first time I include TinyBismarck in there. She is an NA streamer on the rise with an Azure Lane theme and lots of in-game mods such as ship skins and voiceovers. So do check her out if that is what you're into. Also worth mentioning is DobbyM8 – an ausie streamer that likes to eat socks. I believe we will be seeing a lot of him in the future.

Everyone included was: Flamuu, WorldofWarships Official, Flambass, Mr__Gibbins, Notser, Wookie_Legend, Statsbloke, CitizenS9, ChaosMachineGR, Daniel_Rusev, Teamkrado, TinyBismarck, Masterchief1567, BoggzyTime, Choicerino, BooomfunkMc, ClydeThaMonkey, RedRonie, Painezor, Renso26, and DobbyM8.

Here is the episode. I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do tell me what you think about the post and the episode itself if you decide to watch it.

World of Warships – Flambass dyes his hair. Also Googly eyes and Food. Also – Best of Twitch 26

The thumbnail got a bit out of hand

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