World of Warships

A recap of WoWs event from the viewpoint of the streamers, and how to get your clip featured

WorldOfWarships7 - A recap of WoWs event from the viewpoint of the streamers, and how to get your clip featured

Hello guys, FreetheBrain from Best of Twitch here. Last week I created a post where I explained what happens in the episodes and how I choose thumbnails. People generally wanted me to be more concise, but elaborate on the clip choosing process, so here I am again. If you enjoy this post I hope it can become a regular thing.

So, this week's episode had the theme Anchorage and streamers in costumes.

The Anchorage part is obvious. Wargaming released a new Dockyard event where with the help of missions and a small amount of doubloons you can build the US t8 smoke-carrying cruiser Anchorage. There weren't many action-packed moments from that and I had to clip a lot of things myself to create a somewhat coherent segment. I turned to the biggest streamers and Wargaming for that and with some patchwork I believe I managed to show that Anchorage has long range torps, smoke, good AP, a big citadel, and a somewhat clumsy acceleration.

The second title theme was due to the fact that both PrivatePinguin and Sone_mg were doing charity streams. Sone was wearing a shark costume and Pigu was wearing a… penguin costume naturally.

I was looking for the Pigu stuff especially because Flamuu in one of his clips was baffled by the penguin costume and I wanted to pair those two clips. Sone doing something similar was a pleasant surprise and it instantly became a theme.


Regarding the general clip choosing process: I first go through all the top streamers. I look for titled clips with enough views that manage to tell a story. My main goal is to showcase clips where the personality of the streamers shines through. I check all of them using watch-time ranking websites, but if they don't have high-quality titled clips, I don't include them.

I used to feature the most viewed clips by lesser known streamers, but I stopped doing that, because of an effort to streamline the video production process. I also have a featured streamer segment that has been getting out of hand a bit lately. There are just too many streamers to feature and too little time to do it in the regular episodes. I want to apologize to any streamer reading this if you haven't been featured. I will probably devote special episodes to this. The best way to be noticed currently is to share the clips yourselves on my discord. I do, however actively follow streamers I haven't noticed before. I promise I will get to your clips as well. Be sure to title them and… if there's a cool moment, just ask your viewers for a clip. 😛 🙂

You can find the episode here:
This is the thumbnail:

Sone_mg dressed up his doggy too. 😛

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