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A suggestion to WG to curb the inflation of Free XP.

WorldOfWarships5 - A suggestion to WG to curb the inflation of Free XP.

For the next tier IX prem ship the release needs to be not 9 months from now or so. The reason the inflation gotten so high is the signal flags and camo bonuses and the lack of anything to buy with said free XP.

The Missouri was released 7 December 2016 so over two years ago. In that time we had exactly 4 ships available for Free XP. The Nelson was released on Aug 14 2017 so a year and four months ago. The next free XP ship the Musashi was released on 17th January 2018. The Missouri and Musashi were released a year and 1 month apart. The Most recent was the Kronshtadt was released end of May 2018. The Kronshtadt will be the shorted lived Free XP as it will go away along with the Musahi in January.

The issue is waiting nearly a year to release the next T9 Free XP ship and in that time gave more players to grind free xp.


A year from Musashi to Alaska.

The inflation would not be as bad as it is now if WG had released more free Xp ships from the time Missouri was released till now. WG had given players nearly a year each to grind for free XP and with the new signals and camos resulted in what we have now.

We have many ships in the arsenal but they are only for Coal or Steel. WG needs to have a rotation of these ships for sale for Free Xp throughout the year along with some new ships that would keep free Xp low as the players who grind it have more ample stuff to use that with instead of squatting on it for a year+.

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