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A word about Exeter and the balancing process in general

WorldOfWarships7 - A word about Exeter and the balancing process in general

As a Supertester I have the pleasure of playing Exeter and I think we need to have a word about it and the balancing progress in general.

In her current state, which is still work in progress, she has severe faults.

As seemingly common in the last year, the approach to balancing the ship was to knock it over with a sledgehammer.

While her strenghts had previously been decent firepower paired with a smokescreen for surviveability, the balancing department has once again decided not to approach the subject carefully and nerf one of those factors to balance the ship, it was simply decided to put Exeter through a scrap press and see what comes out the other side.

To no surprise, the result was a hunk of metal that struggles to stay afloat.

The main argument presented during thuesdays stream why Exeter could not be uptiered at T6 was, that her armor profile and heal place her in a good state at T5 while the armor would be insufficient at T6.

This is very curious, as Exeter has the same bow/stern plating (13mm) as Leander and even better central plating (16 vs 19 mm). Leander is a T6 ship.

Exeter does have a thinner armor belt (76mm vs 100mm), however the ability to lay a smokescreen for herself should more than counterbalance this weakness.

Instead it was decided to remove the smokescreen from a ship that is barely better armored than Emerald and force it into open water, or should I say island hugging duty.

Then there is the issue how her main guns were balanced.

The argument seems to be that Furutaka, which also has 203mm guns, was doing fine with a 15 second reload and that therefore Exeter shall receive the same.

The facts that Furutaka has DD dispersion formula for enhanced accuracy and much better ballistics seem to have evaded atention.

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While Furutaka can realiably punish even T7 ships with citadels at her maximum firing range, Exeter's shells suffer such a heavy air drag, on top of having a lower initial velocity in the first place, that the results the AP shells deliver even at 10km range are questionable at best, on top of having accuracy probems.

Therefore Exeter is mostly reduced to firing HE.

Her overall gunfirepower leaves me wondering whether torpedos haven't become her main armament, as the results her guns deliver are underwhelming at best.

That Furutaka is the second worst performing Cruiser at T5 (EU) does not seem to worry the balancing department either.

This leaves Exeter in a state where I, personally, rather play Emerald.

Emerald's guns seem to deliver the same AP punch as Exeter's, however she reloads twice as fast and does have a smokescreen – both good tradeoffs for not having HE.

In comparison to Exeter, Emerald is just fun.

I hereby ask the balancing department to seriously consider to approach the balancing process with more care than trying to beat it into submission.

The communities reaction to the CV rework should be obvious enough in itself that things need to change.

I shall also ask the community to leave WG staff in general out of this, it is a matter that specifically the balancing department needs to address and getting mad at the community team will not help anything.

Please also keep the comments civil.

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