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About “close-to-mandatory” captain skills, modules and upgrades

WorldOfWarships1 - About "close-to-mandatory" captain skills, modules and upgrades

As I have been playing WOWS during this year, I have started to be more and more on the fence about the value of "ship modifications" currently in the game. By this I refer to all things that modify the stats of your ship, e.g. Rudder shift mod, fire/flooding/AA flags or the 4pt concealment captain skill.

The problem I see is that most of these mods straight up improve a ship, the most obvious being concealment improvements. An early implication is that "stock" ships become close to unplayable, as they really are shadows of their fully pimped out versions. New players suffer heavily in this system. Neither do they have the resources (10+ pt captain, credits, fxp, flags), nor do they know which upgrades are actually useful. I needed about a year watching Flamus videos in order to know what I want on my ships.

Another thing I feel is questionable (clearly too much Flamu stream right here) is how on just about every ship in the game there exist clear dos and don'ts regarding upgrade paths. Like if you look at the "customization" system in WOWS for the first time you might think like: "cool, there is so much stuff to change!" It turns out that every BB and CA/CL get PT as their first skill and everybody except CVs takes CE as their first four pointer. Also everybody uses concealment mod, main armament mod… the ones that don't are just id*ots (laughs in Jingles) or are memeing.


What I personally was looking for was "customization" -> adapt the ships I play to myself, not "improvement".

How would I improve the current state?

In general, we need sidegrades, as opposed to upgrades. First, let's consider upgrade mods. Every bonus you get through a mod must always give you a negative as well. For example, the mod that reduces engine acc by 50% should also reduce your top speed by, let's say, 10%.

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Hull upgrades should be removed, the historical value they provide is minimal – just simply increase the xp cost the next ship in the line has.

The captain system shall be replaced with the one from wows: legends. That way, taking one captain skill means passing on the other one in line. This hurts.

Ideally though, a stock ship should be as powerful as a completely upgraded modified one. Maxing out Dakka power on a Harugumo should come with significant weaknesses like 10s rudder shift, 8km conceal, etc, so that meme builds only make sense if played with a supporting division.

tl;dr: I'm interested in a ship modification system where as many mods paths as possible are PERFECTLY BALANCED to each other because I believe WG is currently missing the point and losing an opportunity.

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