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Admiral Graf Spee, tactics and play style questions.

WorldOfWarships2 - Admiral Graf Spee, tactics and play style questions.

Yes, I am aware she is not a meta defining ship. But she is pretty fun to play in, and when she's not up tiered to heck, there are times where she can do some pretty silly things to enemy ships.

With that in mind, I was wondering for those that experience the most success with her, how do you typically play her. Do you play her as a long-ish range artillery ship, or try to push more aggressively when the opportunity arises? I like her, and definitely would like to play her more to her strengths if at all possible. As far as I can tell, She is a decent "support" ship, capable of potentially dealing large chunk damage to enemy cruisers with her AP (HE sadly is pretty anemic but an option to use if the enemy is heavily angled towards you). She feels like a micro BB with torps (hence pocket BB) without the armor or volume of shells that real BB' can push out. If facing other cruisers, she will get out DPM'd by nearly any of them if they are allowed to. So you find yourself in this awkward position of not exactly having the toughness of a BB (still better than most cruisers though) while simultaneously not having the RoF to provided sustained DPM. Graf Spee seems like she's a good "Ambusher" or "Punisher" ship. If you don't respect her guns and don't angle correctly, she can hit you like a freight train at her tier.


So the way I try to play her is that I like to push with my BB' and shoot at what they shoot at (typical cruiser gameplay) while simultaneously trying to hunt and harass enemy cruisers that are targeting my BB. If I can close the distance without overextending or being focused, those are the most ideal ways I feel she can influence the fight.

From the few games that I have played with her I've noticed that while she is capable of shooting out to roughly 16km away, the inaccuracy of her guns and low ROF does not make this ideal unless you're shooting at something as large as a BB. Even then, you probably want to close the distance some before doing so, as she becomes quite dangerous within 8-10m away from enemy ships like BB' and has enough durability to eat a few shells if angled properly. Which means the long range game doesn't seem ideal due to her accuracy suffering so much at a distance. She's not particularly fast either, so kiting isn't something that is amazing either nor is she really stealthy.

All this tells me is that you need to play her as a mid range harasser, and looking for targets of opportunity, even more so than many other Cruisers due to her many drawbacks.

Has anyone else come to a similar conclusion? If I am wrong, please do not hesitate to correct me.

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