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Advice playing Russian Gunboat DD and French DD Line

WorldOfWarships5 - Advice playing Russian Gunboat DD and French DD Line

So I'm trying to make this playstyle work. This is the speed tanking, kiting, open water gunboating lines. To clarify, I'm looking at playstyles for the following ships:

  • Leningrad T7
  • Minsk T7
  • Kiev T8
  • Tashkent T9
  • Khabarovsk T10
  • Le Terrible T8
  • Upcoming French DD Line


Right now I am on Minsk to grind for Ognevoi, and Kiev to grind for Tashkent. My captain build is either:

  • Preventative Maintenance, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Advanced Firing Training, IFHE

  • Preventative Maintenance, Priority Target, Last Stand, Survivability Expert, Superintendent, Advanced Firing Training

I may adjust the second one, as I don't think PT is worth it. I'm not sure if IFHE is worth it, or if I should just go DE for more fires, and use AP on angled ships. Thoughts?


For ship modules on Kiev, I have Main Armaments Mod 1, Engine Boost Mod 1*, Aiming Systems Mod 1, Steering Gears Mod 2, Concealment System Mod 1

Before the CV rework, I would speed along the edge of the map, and try to get behind the battleships, so they'd have to turn guns to focus me, then I'd go dark until they got bored and then fire up again. If I came across a lone cruiser or destroyer, I could either hunt it down or kite and keep it burning.



Since the CV rework, if I speed ahead of everyone else, I get detected and focused by the carrier, and chipped to death with rockets and dive bombers. My speed and dodging doesn't seem to work. I've resigned to taking smoke instead of heal with some of the ships, to be able to hide from the CV… I'd prefer to have the heal, and in the case of Le Terrible, you don't have a choice.

I've also stayed near the AA cruisers at the start of the match until after the first air strike, so I can be protected by their AA somewhat.

I'd appreciate any tips on how to modify my playstyle for these ships to deal with CVs.


In a non-CV match, I can be a bit more aggressive, but I'm still not great at open water gunboating. I usually try to angle away from my target, and kite and try to dodge shells. I don't usually adjust speed for the first salvo since it usually underestimates my speed. Once they have the lead dialed in, I start to vary speed and angle to try and dodge shells, but it doesn't seem to work. I usually end up with 40,000-50,000 points of damage before I die.

Any tips for adjusting gunboating would be appreciated as well. I really want to get better at this type of gameplay.



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