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After five years – sometimes dreadful, sometimes joyful – I finally quit and have overcome an expensive addiction.

WorldOfWarships7 - After five years - sometimes dreadful, sometimes joyful - I finally quit and have overcome an expensive addiction.

World of Warships, my dear friend,

I’m writing this letter to you whilst knowing that you may never reply. You’re a video game in the end, but I still had a lot of feelings for you and for some reason I wish you’d be able to reply. To receive an answer as to why you changed to the worst, to make me realise how naive I’ve been.

After five years and an estimated 2.500 EUR I willingly spent, I’m turning my back on you. It’s been a pleasure, but for my own mental health I’ll close this chapter right now.

The changes you’ve gone through were often accepted as ‘well, it’s not game breaking, is it’. Most of them are actually very rewarding, a fact that I really enjoyed and grew with. Nothing that really made me want to quit, really.

The arguments I’ve had with some outright ignorant people – a growing minority within your community, to be fair – were bearable because of the other beautiful moments I’ve had with my friends, my clan and the diversity of your in game content. Nothing that I’d see as a stand-alone reason to quit. But whenever I quit playing, the attitude of some people, the very one-sided way of being either roflstomped or devastatingly successful, all that left me kind of ‘aggressive’.

The money I’ve put into you Friday and Friday again – something I deliberately did, for sure. And most of your premium content was kind of ‘alright’ for the price paid, I rarely had the feeling that I wasted money. Except for the holiday containers, they were pretty bad for my overall trust in you.


What got me thinking now is the way you’re evolving into something I barely recognise as the game I fell in love with some years ago. The course you’re taking, the countless times I’d spend more money (hoping it would reignite my passion for you) for something that isn’t real and won’t accompany for more than a few years from now, all that makes me take this step. And I really hope that the other people that used to love you, yet struggle with the current state you’re finding yourself in, can peacefully quit this chapter too.

It was a pleasure meeting you, but you’ve changed. I’ll miss my after work evenings with you. I’ll miss the snowy winter days when weather outside was horrible, but I sat in my warm and comfy chair, listening to the music of London port’s Christmas fair. I’ll miss your beautiful design, the scenic landscapes and waves of the oceans.

But mostly, I’ll miss something that has long gone: the old, mostly ‘balanced’ and casual-friendly game that you’ve once been.

After all, I need to thank you for a good time.

Goodbye, old friend.

Yours sincerely,


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