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Again the question Musashi or Jean Bart

WorldOfWarships3 - Again the question Musashi or Jean Bart

This question was posted here way to often. But anyway the reason I ask it again is obviously that I can't decide.

I really like the Musashi from her historics, optics and kind of uniqueness but I don't really now if her playstyle fits me. I really liked the Nagato with her incredible reliability and strong shell performance for her tier.

The Jean Bart is a ship I just got to known recently. She offers some great and fun gimmicks which look like fun to me. The deal with that ship is, it looks kind of hard to use. I really like the idea of the ship since I furiously enjoy the Dunkerque but I don't know if I can see use for the speed boost or squishy-ness

I really like brawling and close up fights, I know both ships don't suit that at all but they are the t9 prems I can get per coal. Furthermore I am not a very experienced player with 2 tier 8 ships (Amagi and Edinburgh). Just to clarify I am a WoT veteran so I am not afraid of learning or hard ships.


Are the Gimmicks and fun moments worth the consistent of the Musashi? I know the CV rework is upcoming and the Jean Bart could be great for that especially since you could use your secondary armament and the AA.

I guess money wise both will earn you plenty. Technically I could get both by farming 250k xp on premium ships to transfer them but then I would probably get the Kronstadt since I like the idea of tanky bow on cruisers.

What would you advice me and how would you approach both ships? Also the thoughts of fighting against it would be nice to understand what the counterpart has to worry about. Greetings!

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