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AI-generated ships Vol. III.I: Revenge of the Carriers

WorldOfWarships3 - AI-generated ships Vol. III.I: Revenge of the Carriers

Well, I had two issues with my last huge AI ship dump. One, I posted it during lunchtime, where it died in new. Two, some idiot downvoted it, sealing it away forever. That was going to be my only AI ships post for the day, but it was mercilessly forgotten, so to exact my revenge, I had my AI generate aircraft carriers.

I entered Ark Royal and Kaga into
textsynth - AI-generated ships Vol. III.I: Revenge of the Carriers and got some interesting output.

Output proof photos: linku



Type: Aircraft Carrier
Tier: IX
Nation: German

Aircraft on Deck: 30

Attack Aircraft: 12 x A30 Ki-44
Attack Aircraft Hitpoints: 1,380
Attack Aircraft Speed: 138 kts/188 kts
Attack Aircraft Attacking Flight: Two planes firing three rockets each
Rocket: RP-5 60lb HE Mk. II

No data was output for the rockets. They are presumably upgraded versions of British 60-pound rockets.>)

Torpedo Bomber: 12 x B3N3 No.3
Torpedo Bomber Hitpoints: 1,600
Torpedo Bomber Speed: 134 kts/172 kts
Torpedo Bomber Attacking Flight: Four planes firing one torpedo each
Torpedo: Type 99 Mk. 8
Torpedo Damage: 7,000

Hitpoints: 43,000
Armor Plating: 28 mm

Speed: 32 kts
Turning Circle: 1,030 m

Comments on Kaiser

I'm going to start by mentioning that neither of those planes exist. The AI made both of them up. There was also never a "Type 99" torpedo.

This ship seems like a standard carrier with two gimmicks. One, she doesn't have bombers. Two, she has a massive attack aircraft squadron that attacks two planes at a time.


Her planes also happen to be made of foamboard and balsa wood, but at least she has a lot of them ready and a lot of them in the air.

The AI proceeded to generate another German carrier, but that went to the outtakes because all its planes were the Bf 109 and there was already a German carrier. It refused to stop and tried to generate a carrier named the Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. B.



Type: Aircraft Carrier
Tier: VIII
Nation: Japanese

Aircraft on Deck: 26

Attack Aircraft: 8 x A5M2 Zero
Attack Aircraft Hitpoints: 1,220
Attack Aircraft Speed: 145 kts/192 kts
Attack Aircraft Attacking Flight: Two planes firing three rockets each
Rocket: RP-3 80lb HE No1 Mk.I
Rocket Damage: 2,600

Torpedo Bomber: 12 x A6M2 F Zero
Torpedo Bomber Hitpoints: 1,570
Torpedo Bombers Speed: 145 kts/192 kts
Torpedo Bombers Attacking Flight: Three planes firing three torpedoes each
Torpedo: Type 94 Mod. 1, Mark 5
Torpedo Damage: 4,400

No other data was given.>)

Comments on Furutaka


I'm going to assume this whole ship is Furutaka, rebuilt as an aircraft carrier and kicked three tiers up. Zeroes that fly at 192 kts boosted and drop nine torpedoes per run over four runs per squadron are such an insane meme, even if they do use a torpedo that doesn't exist. The only way to possibly balance that would be to have them drop one at a time over a long time period, similar to FDR.

I'm not sure how the bot got to this point and I'm not sure it's a good idea to take it further, so that's all for today.

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