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WorldOfWarships1 - Aiming system QoL ideas

Hi, I have a few ideas about WoWs' aiming system. I think they would make more sense/improve QoL/reward player's skill better than the current system. Please read the whole wall of text (sorry) and let me know what you think of the proposals.

  1. Aiming point should be measured in absolute map coordinates.

If there is no target lock, the aiming direction is taken as relative to one's own ship, and will shift as the ship moves. I'm sure you've all experienced this: right before firing the target goes dark in a smoke cloud. Manually adjusting the direction will probably make you loose the correct height, and not adjusting will drag your aim with your movement. Either way, you lost the devstrike you planned for a split second. I think aiming coordinates, when target lock is not present/lost, should be taken as absolute coordinates on the map, and not relative to your ship.

  1. When target lock is lost, vertical aim should be recovered from the impact point of the shells for the previous gun elevation.

In the current system aim will be recovered at the intersection between your aiming line and the water's surface, so if you are aiming at the superstructure of a ship and you loose target lock, your guns will be further elevated to fire much behind the ship, missing completely.

  1. Aiming should ignore islands.

If you're not locked on a target (e.g. firing blind) the current game's system will just aim the guns at the point on the water surface where your reticle is. But if your reticle is on an island it will actually target the side of the rock. Since firing at islands has no utility in the game, I think the system should always aim at water surface level, even when it is beneath or behind solid terrain. So if your reticle is at the correct height (and your shells' arcs allow it), you should be able to fire at a target whose silhouette is behind a rock. My rationale for this change: blindfire is part of a good player's skillset, and if someone has the skill to blindfire a Minotaur smoked up in open waters, he should also be allowed to blindfire a Des Moines behind an island. Skill-based counterplay, yes please.

  1. Camera angle equal to shell's impact angle at target distance.

The angle at which the aiming camera stares at the target is very flat even at long ranges. I think the camera engle should be equal to the angle at which shells are expected to arrive at the target at the aiming distance. It will have multiple benefits for aiming: -In the current system, if the target is sailing slightly toward or away it will be difficult to see, and minimal differences in aiming height make the difference between an overpen or a solid hull hit, expecially for fast-moving targets. This system will give Spotter plane-like view and solve the issue. -See if the shells will hit the belt or the deck, and choose shell type accordingly. In game I often ask myself: will my shell hit the belt? Will it ricochet off the deck? Will it plunge enough to pen the deck? This aiming solution will allow the player to make better choices based on the ballistic properties of his guns.

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