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Alsace secondary build: In-depth comparison between pre and post rework (spoiler: it’s dead)

WorldOfWarships4 - Alsace secondary build: In-depth comparison between pre and post rework (spoiler: it's dead)

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First of all, I would like to address something before showing the results:

Yes, french secondary builds have always been kind of a meme, mostly because of the limited brawling capabilities of their hull and the poor penetrations values of their guns. However! Alsace was the exception. With the second highest potential secondary DPM in the game, running an Alsace secondary build with IFHE was definitely more than workable, and I would even say viable, (as viable as secondary builds get of course). Her secondaries with IFHE were very powerfull and her speed/maneaverability somewhat compensated her HE-vulnerable hull. As such, it was actually quite common to get games like this with her (that’s 90k damage done by the secondaries alone. I challenge you to find another BB that isn’t German, American or Shikishima who’s capable of this). Potato quality even did a video on this a couple days ago.

Alsace secondary build was a thing, and it was both hella fun and quite viable.

About this comparison: the results are presented in the form of graphs that display both accuracy and effective secondary DPM over distance against different ship types.

These graphs are the combined results of over 70 test runs where my secondaries fired at different target and different ranges. With the scoreboard results, I calculated the hit ratio and secondary DPM for each runs. I did multiple runs for every category (range and ship type) and then averaged them into a single value. For Battleships, I used Lion as the size of her superstructure is a good middle ground at tier IX. For Cruisers, I used Buffalo. For destroyers, I used Tashkent because of her detectability radius.

Now the results themselves (click on the titles):

Against Battleships

At long, medium and close range, we clearly see a significant loss of DPM of around -28%. At very close range (under 5km), the rework actually allows for a marginally better DPM. This was to be expected since the worse dispersion means less shells are going to shatter on the belt and more will actually hit the superstructure.


Against Cruisers

The sad part: We have a DPM loss ranging from -30% at close range to a whopping -42% at long range. Again, the difference at very close range is minimal for the same reasons as against BBs

Against Destroyer

This time, since the secondary shells actually penetrates every part of a destroyer’s plating, the actual secondary DPM matches the accuracy. At medium range, we notice a DPM loss of about -35%. At close range -23% and at very close range only -11%. I couldn’t measure the DPM loss at long range because of the destroyer detectability range. However, considering the values I got at medium range, I’m pretty sure we easily reach a loss of -45% or even -50% at more than 10km.

About fires: they were way too unreliable for me to measure an average fire setting capability accurately. However, since they are directly related to the hit ratio, they were also severely nerfed.


So, all in all, the Alsace secondary build is completely dead. With such a huge loss of DPM at the ranges that actually matter and the shifting in the current meta (courtesy of dead eye), running a secondary build on her is now worthless. The added range is almost useless and the ability to fire at multiple target is also of very limited use: I played aroudn 20 games with my alsace since the rework and only 4 times I found myself in a position where my secondaries were able to fire at both sides, and it accounted for only a couple dozen more hits each time.

This rework, which was supposed to offer more build variety (at least according to WG), actually did the exact opposite with Alsace, by completely destroying her secondaries. This really is a shame., because if it wasn’t for the mansec accuracy nerf, this update could’ve been a complete reborn of the french secondary builds. Most notably thanks to IFHE going from 4 to 2 captain points and the other interesting skills available.

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