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amagi secondary vs massachusetts secondary after 0.10.0

WorldOfWarships3 - amagi secondary vs massachusetts secondary after 0.10.0

lets compare massachusetts secondary to amagi secondary after the secondary changes

lets start off with range:

massachusetts have a GOOD 7.5km base range that with all skills/modules can get a nice 11.3km max range,no changes here

amagi used to have a BAD 5km base range and could get it up to 7.5km BUT after 0.10.0 now it has 6.6km base range that with all skills/modules can get up to a pretty decent 10km max range

so after 0.10.0 massachusetts still wins range but amagi now has a workable 10km secondary range instead if the garbage 7.5km it used to have(amagi received a 33% buff to its max range)

lets talk about dpm

massachusetts has 10x127mm american secondary guns with improved dispersion,now to get effective dpm you need the guns regular dpm which is 270 000dpm and you multiply that with its accuracy (which after 0.10.0 is 30%,used to be around 40%) so you get an effective dpm of 81 000dpm

for amagi its a bit more difficult,it has 8x140mm japanese secondary guns with same dispersion as massa secondary and 8x127mm japanese secondary with regular dispersion. So the dpm of the 140mm guns is 144 000 dpm multiply that with the same accuracy as massa(30%)and you get an effective dpm of 43 200dpm for the 140mm guns,for the 127mm guns you have 168 000dpm but you need to multiply this by only 15% because after 0.10.0 this is the hitrate for secondary guns without improved accuracy, so the effective dpm for the 127mm guns is 25 200dpm. Final effective dpm of amagi secondaries is 68 400dpm.

this means for effective dpm massa is the winner,massachusetts have around 25% better effective secondary dpm

next thing i want to discuss and it will supprise most of you is fire chance:

for massa you have guns that fire 15times/min with 5% base fire chance = 7,5 fires started/minute,you also multiply this by its 30% accuracy and you get an effective 2,25fires.


for amagi you have your 140mm guns that fire 7.5 times/min with 10% base fire chance = 6,4 fires started/minute,just as for massa you multiply this with its accuracy of 30% and you get 1,8 effective fires started/minute. For amagi's 127mm guns they have a rate of fire of 10rounds/minute with 8%base fire chance you get 6,4 fires started/minute but you sadly need to multiply this with 0,15 to get their effective fire chance of 0,96 fires started/minute.You add the 140mm fire chance with the 127mm fire chance and you get an effective 2,76fires/minute

In terms of base fire chance amagi wins, it has 22%better fire starting capabilities than massachusetts,if you use signal flags on both of them,massa will get way better fire chances and starts to close the gap but amagi still beats it,massa fire chance with signals+skills =3,15 fires/min,amagi fire chance with signals+skills =3,36 fires/min, so full fire chance specced amagi still beats full fire specced massachusetts but not by a lot(6% only to be exact)

so in terms of fire chance amagi beats massachusetts in terms of base fire chance but if you pick the right skills and signals massachusetts will close the gap and have only 6% worse overall fire starting ability.

So amagi secondary is pretty decent now, i consider it about 15% weaker than massachusetts secondary because its range is still smaller and its has less effective dpm,BUT i have to say that amagi is a ship that wasn't designed around its secondaries but now you they are comparable to massa secondary, amagi secondary has become pretty impressive after 0.10.0 and you should definetly try it out if you have amagi.

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