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An idea to try and improve Super Containers — at least remove some disappointment with them

WorldOfWarships7 - An idea to try and improve Super Containers -- at least remove some disappointment with them

We've all seen the images of person getting an SC and ending up with some flag they don't want.. and feeling annoyed/disappointed even though they got something for free. Instead of just lamenting this as fact of SC's… here's an idea to try and make them better while not impacting WeeGee at all…. well, other than some development.

What happens today, with SCs, is something like this: win X flags of type Y, right? In theory this is worth Z $'s in real life. Getting free stuff worth $'s is good. I like free.

The problem is that the las SC I got was 100 India Delta (recover extra 20% hp), which is a spiffy flag… but I now have 709 of them. I confess myself… disappointed with the SC.

I wouldn't have spent $'s on such a flag, so I don't value it. In fact, I kinda wish I'd gotten a regular crate and picked up some more coal or something else I either need or will need soonish.

How to fix this?

Keep the basic dynamic — each create gives X item at Y quantity worth Z dollars, but add in some choice. What do I mean?

Let's take my India Delta flags. I don't know what value of 100 India Delta flags is… but let's call it $5. India Delta is one of the Combat series of flags of which there are 12. There's also 5 Economic Flags (like Zulu) and…5 or so Special flags (like Wyvern).


So, when you get a SC it could work like this (just using Flags as an example): 1) The drop determines both the type of flag (Y – Combat/Economic/Special) and the value (Z – $'s). Say Combat worth $5 or Special worth $10 or Economic worth $10.

2) Then let the player pick the type of flag he/she wants — a simple popup that says: "You have won 100 Combat flags! Please choose which:" then display the 12 flags and person picks the flags they want. The 100 flags is equal to the $5 value that was rolled w/ the SC.

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I'm happier now — I get flags I value. WeeGee's 'payout' is the same value-wise, so no loss to WeeGee.

It may take a bit of work to apply this to Camos — as they aren't grouped like flags are and the value can vary a lot more than flags, but it wouldn't be that difficult to do — maybe offer five types of camo or something.

If this is 'successful' you could take it a step (possibly a leap) further and make the SC more of a buffet choice — you get $10 and can pick among Flags, Camos, Coal, whatever — the qty of each choice tied back to the $10.

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