World of Warships

An Ode to the Daring! [and consequently to the Jutland]

WorldOfWarships3 - An Ode to the Daring! [and consequently to the Jutland]

Man, she sure looks good though! Armor-less, but very, very elegant.

Daring, even though you're pretty bald,
It sure sucks that my Jutland got sold.
You're slow and you're fat.
Getting radar-ed each game is a sure bet.
They nerfed your OP detection,
But, man, that was half the erection.

It's great that you have hydro and you kept the heal,
Too bad you turn like a brick, son – dodging shells with you is a worse deal.

Sure, it's quite nice that you have such a crazy reload,
But GOSHDARN, Daring, every frikken pen I eat, your engines explode.

I like your edgy looks,
They're not something straight outta the books,
But by God, Daring, you boxy phaf,
You sure need one more 4-point skill – I could use RPF!
Alas, you're not the Jutland, Cossack or Lightning,
But at least Power-creep is real – you're still pretty frightening.
In any case, Darling, here's to King and Country,
The Royal Navy DD line sure was a fun tree.

Yours truly, FreetheBrain,
a Potato with a 67% WR in the Jutland, and a 37% WR in the Daring.

P.S.: Before I attract all the unicum hate in the world, I'm not blaming the ship!! This is supposed to be satire. The Daring requires a very specific playstyle that I sadly haven't mastered yet. It's still a really strong ship. It just sucks to have to think again after the foolproof Lightning and Jutland. Trololo. I wish you fair seas, Ladies and Gentlemen. May your ships treat you well and vice-versa.

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