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Analysis of Commander Rework

WorldOfWarships5 - Analysis of Commander Rework

Now that we have had a little bit of time to play around with new builds, I am going to give a preliminary analysis of what the commander rework has done in my eyes.

Motivation: The consensus has been that WG enacted the rework in order to burn through players' stockpiles of CXP and to make it more difficult (for a period of time) for players to earn CXP. The problem was that it was too easy for players to get 19 point captains and farm large amounts of CXP (flags, bonuses, etc), which they could then use for retraining/resetting commanders without spending doubloons. Bumping the max number of points up to 21 (and making it far, far grindier to get there) will temporarily reduce the amount of CXP that players are earning, while also making resets more expensive in terms of CXP, and also making retraining more essential (0% skill effectiveness now when retraining compared to 50% before).

There are also two secondary reasons why this rework happened: "build diversity" and submarines. Now, submarines is mostly a conjecture, but I imagine it would have been really awkward to fit submarine commander skills into the old skill tree (CV skills barely made sense anyway), and I think that the timing of the commander rework had to do with them getting close to submarine supertest and needing the skill tree in a fine state. Splitting the tree also let them put in different skills for different classes, and so they could sell this rework as helping "build diversity".


Effect: My observation is that this rework will undoubtedly be successful from the 'business' (CXP burndown) side, but has been only mildly successful in making more diverse builds workable. I think there are now a greater variety of meme builds, but I don't think that the core/competitive builds have changed in general.

Why? Because core mechanics haven't changed. Positioning still wins and loses games, and concealment is the tool that you use to position during a match. CE is still essential on all but the open water gunboats (French cruisers, French DDs, RU gunboat DDs, etc). HE spammers are still a huge threat to BBs and FP is still essential if you want to do any tanking. I think overall, gunboat cruisers and DDs now have some viable skills that buff their essential playstyle. No-conceal builds on cruisers (other than French) are still memes because very few cruisers can survive being focused. Deadeye is a meme build. Secondaries are still memes, they only gave it a sidegrade of less accuracy for more range.

In other words, when I go to build a commander now, in most cases I am still falling back on the old builds. Concealment and consumables are still essential for cruisers and DDs, concealment and survivability are still essential for BBs.

Your thoughts: I am curious to see what other people think of the effect of the rework on new builds. I don't have any statistics to back up my argument, it is all observation, so perhaps others have a different take.

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