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Analysis of Leaked Potential IFHE Rework

WorldOfWarships7 - Analysis of Leaked Potential IFHE Rework

This analysis brought to you by spreadsheets. Sorry…

How HE penetration works now:

Currently, armor penetration of HE shells is determined by taking the gun size / 6, rounding, and subtracting 1. A good example of this is 127 mm guns. 127/6 = 21.16667, which is rounded down to 21. This is the thickness of armor that will shatter the shell, so penetration is 20 mm.

The IFHE skill multiplies the shatter thickness by 1.3, with no rounding after the calculation. Thus, 21 mm x 1.3 = 27.3 mm to shatter the shell. As 27 mm < 27.3 mm, IFHE 127 mm guns can penetrate 27 mm of armor.

The rework:

The leaked, potential rework proposal that was shared by
notafakeaccount - Analysis of Leaked Potential IFHE Rework

u/notafakeaccount would see the IFHE buff changed to a boost of 25% to penetration at the cost of reducing fire chance by half. Simultaneous changes would also remove the rounding from the basic penetration calculation. Linked below is a spreadsheet that shows the effects on various gun calibers. I stopped at 240 mm guns because I refuse to support IFHE BB cancer. The current penetration values are listed, along with potential IFHE bonuses down to a 10% increase. Then comes a sheet that shows the unrounded 1/6th pen values. It also includes a sheet detailing a hypothetical move to 1/5th pen values, based on information on the Bayard having 1/5th pen.

My view:

  • So the effect here is that light cruisers lose the ability to pen battleships anywhere except the super structure (major damage nerf); lose the ability to bounce 8 inch shells on their bow or stern (lower survivability, a nerf); and gain the ability to bounce battleship shells off of their upper belt and presumably deck (survivability buff/limited change). While the ability to bounce battleship shells off of the belt and deck could mitigate some damage, a lot of it was just overpens, anyway, and the increased vulnerability to heavy cruiser AP citadels would likely cancel it out.
  • IFHE would still be a must take for light cruisers to even pen the upper belt and deck of cruisers–including light cruisers–and at higher tiers, the extremities of heavy cruisers. Additionally, the apparent buff to T6-7 battleships means IFHE is needed to pen their plating.
  • Des Moines would get an armor buff because it doesn't currently have 30 mm plating on the upper belt, only on her deck.

Overall, my opinion is meh. French and UK battleship drivers will be happy, I guess, but the change might actually be going a bit far. All battleships will get increased survivability to light cruisers, as raw penetration is seriously reduced and fire chance takes a major dive–I'm not 100% up on how fire chance and such work, but a 50% decrease in fire chance would actually result in a greater than 50% loss in fires, wouldn't it? Worcester's fire chance would drop from 12% to 6% with IFHE, just 1% better than Gearing's 5%.

Tweaks to battleship armor to allow light cruisers the ability to do damage to the bow and stern are highly unlikely, as a reduction to 31 mm of armor would allow any 457 mm gun to overmatch what was 32 mm armor, which to my understanding is something that WG has said only Yamusashi would ever be able to do.


The original leak posting:

My spreadsheet:

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