World of Warships

Announcement stream discussion thread

WorldOfWarships7 - Announcement stream discussion thread

><center><iframe width= - Announcement stream discussion thread

I'll try and keep this post up to date for those who can't watch.

  • Ev1n is mad that he hasn't been invited to the WG-EU clan Kappa

  • Jingles Captain coming in one of the next updates

  • Jingles' line when you're the last of your team is "It's all up to you now. Try not to suck."

  • Mimimissile from WG stream sniped their div LUL

  • MrConway was harrassed the entire game by the CV and died 9 minutes in, while in an AA bubble, because CVs are balanced

  • Ev1n got wrecked by the CV too

  • German T9 Cruiser Siegfried, It's a O class, I see 55mm AA guns, Increased German HE pen and german hydro, 62,850 HP, 26s reload with ~21km range, 175m dispersion and 2.05 sigma, full stats will be posted on dev blog


  • 2 quad launchers 8 km 65 knots 90s reload

  • 15.1km stock concealment, 33.5kt speed

  • Pan EU ship is obviously the Friesland

  • T9 destroyer, no torps, 6×1 40mm/70 Bofors mounts, 1.8s reload

  • 17.6k HP, 7.2s 180 turn time, Smoke, DFAA AND HYDRO in DIFFERENT SLOTS

  • 36 knots, 4s rudder, 8.2km surface detectability

  • 6.44 max concealment

  • Polish Captains will move to the Pan European nation when that nation launches


  • at T6

  • i see biplanes………. bismarck watch out

  • Lower hit points per plane, larger squad size (aka the kaga model)

  • +100% chance to kill Bismarck's rudder, kappa

  • Dev blog in about an hour and a half ish? if my conversion is right

  • WG knows when Italians are coming out o_o

  • First Italian tree is confirmed to be cruisers

  • Pan EU ships will have national flags like Pan Asian ships

  • Viribus Unitis will follow the Pan EU tree, possibly on release or shortly after

  • ark royal has swordfish, of course

  • someone asked if the commonwealth tree would go to pan europe ?????????????????????????

  • pan euro DD tree is being discussed for the future

  • Russian Language stream will go over Thunderer & V6 tomorrow

  • next CV tech tree will be a while, and german CVs are possible for the future

  • No new consumables planned at this time

  • UI updates are happening pretty much every patch, but you don't always see them

  • 4K support is coming 6 months ago poggers

  • salty teaboo asking about torps on BBs, once again, in hull and fixed torpedo mounts are not in game

  • T8 MM improvements connected to comp play are being discussed

  • "technically we can, but we'll probably get sued"

  • no collab with space BB yamato 🙁

  • something coming up in regards to 0 damage pens

  • "was it fun to play against the CV in the last match?" "no"


  • now he's saying it's because he's WG so he got focused and it'd be the same if another class was bullying him

uh huh

  • conway is getting murdered by the CV, again

  • No 'stickers' or customizable camos in the foreseeable future

  • the idea was discussed, but they decided they weren't visible enough to be worth it

  • conway did 35k damage to midway planes and shot down 8

  • they completely ignored that YY was widely used in competitive until the nerfs, and instead chose to note that ships aren't all built for competitive

  • New Game Mode: Post-apocalyptic 4 teams of 3 players, it's a battle royal, only DDs, seems more like an april fools mode

and here i thought we'd get new stuff for randoms

  • Benham camo

  • similar camo for hill

we mad max now bois

  • lore for the mode, obviously, is that CVs destroyed the world

alright d00ds, i'm out, #kingpin4cc Kappa

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