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Are Armor Mechanics too Binary?

WorldOfWarships4 - Are Armor Mechanics too Binary?

So I have been having these sort of thoughts ever since I was a noob at tiers IV and V. I have waited till I have grinded out a few lines to tier X before making this post…but are the armor mechanics too binary in this game?

The recent animosity against IFHE is a pretty good example of this. Without this skill, CLs would often be very weak, without the ability to deal alpha damage using HE against BBs, or even against fellow cruisers (ie Wooster, Chappy, Cleveland, etc). With it however, damage ouput suddenly becomes god-level for these ships…and there is no in between at all.

The same can be seen in the overmatch mechanic. 457mm guns will bounce off of 32mm and do 0 damage, but 460mm guns will just ignore the armor all together.

Wouldn't it be better if armor mechanics operated more on a "gradual scale" kind of model then the current "binary mode"?

For example, 152mm guns will do full damage against 19mm plating, and less damage + reduced fire chance (instead of 0 damage) against 25mm plating, and even more reduced damage against 30mm and above plating. (Obviously alpha damage and the such would have to be adjusted so its not equivalent to just free IFHE on every ship.)

Angling could also operate on a more gradual scale. Extreme angles will still bounce shells, but when shooting an angled 27mm plate at point blank range with a 15-inch gun, maybe it should still do damage, but simply reduced damage depending on the amount of angle? (again, alpha would have to be adjusted)


I understand the argument for the current armor mechanics, but it is very unintuitive and not new player friendly. I have basically stopped playing low and mid-tiers all together, because I have gotten sick of explaining to stubborn teammates/enemies the HE/overmatch/IFHE mechanics and trying to convince them that no, there are no hacks when I overmatch their Texas' bows with a Myogi, and yes, this is really how the armor mechanics work. (nobody believes me when I tell them about the magic 14.3 number…they think I pull it out of my ass every time, and to be honest I can't blame them…14.3?!)

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While the current binary model makes it easier to remember which guns can damage your ship, I feel they are bad for player retention at the low tiers, and that they are simply not intuitive at all. Will it be hard to develop more advanced armor mechanics?…Yes, but I don't think that = it's not worth the time. Maybe now is simply not the time for such changes, but I think this should at least be looked into for the future, before too many ships are added that makes such a change too difficult to implement.

TLDR: current HE pen and overmatch mechanics could use improvement

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