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Austin first impressions: mixed bag of fun and frustration, not really good.

WorldOfWarships5 - Austin first impressions: mixed bag of fun and frustration, not really good.

I don't know if its just not for me or if its the ship itself, but i would say im a fairly confident that im a decent player.


That's my ingame name on EU for the people who probably wanna look up stats.

So now back to the Austin.

Lets look at the obvious good things.

+unlimited mbrb charges (2 min cooldown which means you get to use it for a maximum of 10 times although fewer are more realistic. Id say 4 to 5 activations are the average whilest 6 to 7 are realistic in an optimal match)

+SAP with 36mm pen

+actually good AA with 10 Flak puffs, okay damage and DEF AA consumable

+above average shell ballistics and flight time on both shell types.

+5 fletcher torpedoes with truck alpha damage and good range and reload.

+9.3 km concealment

+above average handling and small size for a cruiser.

+improved heal (same as colbert with one additional charge plus a bit better healing power)

Whilst the ship undoubtedly has its unique quirks its heavily reliant on its reload booster to do any sort of meaningful damage to most things.

But now lets look at the bad parts.

-no AP (this is an issue especially against other cruisers)

-an absolutely anemic 8 second base reload. (For comparison the Cleveland gets 6.5 seconds on 12 152 mm guns at t8. The Helena has 8.5 seconds on 15 152 mm guns at t7. so without mbrb were talking t 7 to 8 levels of dpm at t10)

-an equally garbage 15 km base range. (before the social distancing commander rework this would have been workable, but ever since everything below 18 km distance is considered brawling range for most BBs)

-A squishy t7 Hull at t10 (yes its an Atlanta hull plus some fancy 32 mm plating, which actually feels like it isn't there)

-An above water citadel that catches BB AP like Manuel Neuer catches Footballs

-30400 hp

So these facts in mind im giving you my first impression on the ship based on 12ish games played back to back.

The Austin is definitely unique and can be fun in certain situations but it's not very good.

It really shines at killing destroyers which needs teamwork to get those little lolibotes spotted.


And well with the amazing quality of the average DD player in this game that's quite frustrating.

It's also not bad against CVs. But with not bad i don't mean good, i just mean less bad than most surface ships. It suffers heavily from CV spotting as well, due to it's squishyness and playstyle.

It also can dumpster anything that isn't a BB, bow on or a petropavlovsk with a combination of MBRB and SAP.

Outside of these three niche things its quite garbage honestly.

Without your reload booster your stuck with pretty sad DPM on an equally sad hull.

Your HE dpm isn't enough to burn anything down and your SAP dpm isn't enough to kill anything before it kills you, considerd both players are equally skilled. Well unless its a DD.

You get absolutely dumpstered by any sort of BB ap. if you don't dodge the Salvo you're most likely dead or almost dead. It's not colbert levels of squishy but damn is it close.

Also if you're running reload everything is out of range all the time. You can't stay behind island due to a mixture of the Shell ballistics and Sky Cancer spotting. you also can't stay open water within your gun range because that means that you're most likely the closest spotted thing for the enemy BBs.

And that means you will get focused hard. And that again means that you're either forced to kite away and out of range or it means that you will get blapped

So yeah, my first impression is that it's just not good and that im deeply regret getting it instead of the shikishima.

It feels like a inferior minotaur for most of the game but every 2 minutes for 15 seconds.

As of right now my average damage on the Austin rivals the one on my t6/7 cruisers.

So yeah, maybe im the problem idk.

Anyways, i hope you enjoyed this review, let me know what you think. I appreciate feedback.

Im also planning on doing a second written review once i have more experience with the ship

Have a nice day.

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