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Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 10): The Adventures of Kamikaze II

WorldOfWarships4 - Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 10): The Adventures of Kamikaze II

Alright, this is the finale to the series. I couldn't find much of anything in this theatre of operations so today, I'm going to break a tradition. Prepare yourself as I will make a story focused solely on submarines sinking a ship. That's right, this is the first time I'm doing a submarine action. The Action of June 7, 1945 I believe it's called. Enjoy I guess.

Narrator: Once again, a month after the failed Battle of Malacca Strait, the Japanese destroyer, Kamikaze, was assigned to escort another Myoko class cruiser. This time it was the Ashigara. In this tale, we’ll focus on a pair of submarines that took down this cruiser while avoiding Kamikaze’s attempts to sink them…

June 7, 1945, Bangka Strait

Ashigara: Hurry up Kamikaze. I have troops to carry and our mission is to reinforce Singapore. Remember that I am the last significant fighting vessel in the area. If I’m lost, who will be left to lead?

Kamikaze: Sorry. I just had bad memories from last month. Doing this mission is like deja vu to me.

Ashigara: Well don’t screw up big time. We’ll be heading up the Bangka Strait by now.

Kamikaze: Yes…

Blueback: This is Blueback. I spotted the Ashigara and her escort. Trenchant, you are in a good position to intercept. Are you willing to perform the task? I do not have a good attack position.

Trenchant: Affirmative. Stygian is with me. We can coordinate the attack. Just give us some time to maneuver around this minefield O-19 laid.

Blueback: Alright, I’ll leave it to you.

Stygian: What are my orders?

Trenchant: Stay on the surface for now. You place yourself south of the Hendrik Klippen Shoal. I’ll take up the north side.

Stygian: Roger that.

June 8

Trenchant: I have a visual on a destroyer. Looks like the Kamikaze.

Stygian: She should be escorting the Ashigara.

Kamikaze: I have a visual on an enemy sub. Firing guns!

Ashigara: Take her out. I have no way of countering.

Trenchant: Whoa, she sees me. Retreating and dropping a torpedo!

Kamikaze: I saw a torpedo blow by. Looks mostly harmless.

Trenchant: Stygian, do you read? I’m spotted and will make a dive. I’m also repositioning.

Stygian: Copy that. When will you resurface?

Trenchant: Soon… OK, I see her now. She’s heading north but I’m about to lose sight of her.

Kamikaze: I’m firing starshells to see better.

Stygian: Trenchant, she just fired starshells. It seems you are out of sight as she had stopped attacking. I’ll dive and get closer.

Trenchant: Alright. I’ll try to reposition myself.

Stygian: I’m surfacing. I see the Kamikaze. She’s headed north but I see patrolling aircraft nearby.

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Trenchant: Can you attack her?

Stygian: Yes I can. I’ll fire two at relatively close range.

Kamikaze: Torpedo tracks spotted in the water. Evasive maneuvers!

Stygian: Damn, I missed.

Kamikaze: Get back here! I’ll make a counterattack.

Stygian: She spotted me. Dive! Dive! Dive!

Kamikaze lightly damages Stygian with depth charges

Stygian: I escaped the attack. Tis just a scratch and dent on me.

Trenchant: Be careful now. Destroyers are still a hazard for us.

Stygian: Do you have visual on the Ashigara?

Trenchant: Actually, I do. I see her mast and upper works.


Stygian: What do you plan on doing?

Trenchant: I’m gonna wait for that sucker to turn away from the shallow waters and come to me. That’s where I will attack.

Trenchant observes Ashigara from the distance

Ashigara: If there are subs out in the open, I think I’ll play it risky and sail near the coast. I won’t maneuver as much but this will be the least likely place they can attack me.

Trenchant: Damn it. It appears she’s keeping her distance from me by going through the shallows.

Stygian: Can you still hit her from where you are?

Trenchant: It’s going to be a tough call. 4000 yards is just near the max range for my torpedoes. I’d better make quick calculations or else I’ll lose my chance.

Stygian: Well hurry. You don’t have much time.

Trenchant: Alright. Here goes. I’m about to fire a full frontal salvo of my torpedoes.

Ashigara: Are those torpedo tracks? Shit! I have no way to maneuver because of the shoals!

5 torpedoes strike Ashigara

Ashigara: Loud screams of pain.

Kamikaze: Ashigara are you alright?

Ashigara: No you dumbass! There is a sub right in front of me and I’m shooting her with my AA guns right now. Where the hell are you!?

Kamikaze: I’m coming. I’ll depth charge the whole place if I have to.

Trenchant: What a beautiful hit. Also, she’s firing back, so I’d better retreat and drop a couple stern torpedoes.

Stygian: She’s on fire! There’s smoke!

Trenchant: Let’s get out of here. I’m returning back to base.

Stygian: I’ll follow back a week later. Looks like Ashigara is going to capsize.

Kamikaze: I am so sorry. I can’t believe I failed again.

Ashigara: If only you stuck closer to me than run off to chase the subs.

Kamikaze: What could I do? I’m the only a destroyer.

Ashigara: Well that’s all that’s left for the 10th Area Fleet. It’s just you now. Sure Takao and Myoko are alive, but they can’t do anything.

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Kamikaze: So I’m the one who is left to lead the fleet.

Ashigara: I’m afraid so… grk.

Ashigara capsizes

Kamikaze: Damn it! Damn it all! Why does this happen to me!?

Narrator: And after that battle, Trenchant flew the Jolly Roger for her achievement in battle. Kamikaze was the only ship left fit to lead her fleet and with the war finally over, the forces there peacefully surrendered to the Allies.

Narrator is revealed to be Leander

Leander: As for me, well, I was sitting here after taking some damage for a while now. So I haven’t really fought in any battles at the end of the war. But my service with New Zealand is over and I’ll be back in the Royal Navy. Thank you for listening to what I have to say about what happened in this theatre of war.


There we go, Leander was the narrator all along. Nobody would have guessed. In fact nobody did. Ah well. I plan on doing a few more of these kinds of tales involving the battles of lesser known theatres. I'm also working on some fictions at the same time like Kaga Saga 2 and a new original. That is all for me to say so goodbye.

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