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Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 2): Single Ship Action

WorldOfWarships5 - Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 2): Single Ship Action

Hello, welcome back to this series of mine. As usual, this is the part where I get downvoted, but I don't care. I will continue doing what I want. Today's feature will involve the first set of single ship actions that happened around the Indian Ocean during WW2. It's not much, and the battles are fairly short, but I have to put them in anyways. So here is the latest story.

Narrator: While it may be true that the Indian Ocean was mostly submarine actions and merchant raiding, it also had its fair sure of surface action. Most of these were one on one confrontations. Britain and its allies fought to keep these sea lanes safe from Germans, Italians and Japanese enemies. Here is an example about one cruiser representing New Zealand…

February 27, 1941 Off the Maldives

Narrator: It was at this time that the HMNZS Leander went to patrol the waters knowing that the survivors of the Red Sea Flotilla were making a run for it to Japan in order to evade capture. While they were enroute, they had to fulfill the duty of commerce raiders.

Leander: Hmm, I see a ship in front of me. Judging from that gun on her forecastle, she might be a Ramb class fruit carrier. I should investigate.

Ramb I: Oh crap. British cruiser is about to get close to me. Where are my flags? I don’t want to get noticed.

Leander: Hey! You there. Identify yourself now!

Ramb I: Oh um…

The auxiliary cruiser raises a British Merchant flag

Ramb I: Nothing to see here ma’am. Just business as usual hehe…

Leander: I don’t buy it. I order you to give out your signal letters.

Ramb I (self): Oh no, she is on to me.

Ramb I hoists 4 letters

Leander: Well then. Your letters don’t match anything in the books. I’m giving you one last chance “merchant.” I hope you know about our secret challenge.

Ramb I (self): If I just move along without saying anything, I might get away.

Leander: This is your last chance. I order you to a halt. Do you comply?!

Ramb I does not respond

Leander: Looks like I have no choice.

Ramb I: Oh it’s no use. I better make one last stand.

Ramb I raises her Italian merchant flag

Ramb I: All guns fire!


Leander: I knew you would be hostile. Returning fire!

Some shell splinter hit Leander

Leander: Tis but a scratch. Let’s see how you like some real Royal New Zealand Navy gunnery.

Leander pummels Ramb 1 with shells for a minute

Leander: Alright, let’s see those results. Unidentified auxiliary, do you surrender?

Ramb I: Guh… Y-yeah. I’m lowering my flag now but you damaged me too much.

Leander: I assume you are the Ramb I.

Ramb I: That is correct. However, you can’t take me in as you set me on fire and my ammunition is about to blow. Please stay away from me.

Leander: Alright. Thanks for letting me know.

Ramb I: Ugh… I don’t feel so good.

Ramb I blows up

Leander: I respect you for a moment of silence. I will think of this as a proper burial at sea. Now that the battle is over, I must head back to base.

Pearleaf: Hey Leander. I’m heading over to Colombo. I have news for you. You are being ordered to investigate the Saya de Malha Bank area. We heard there are Axis ships in the area and we need you there.

Leander: Thank you for the information. I will head over there now to investigate.

Narrator: And that was how the action of 27 February 1941 went. It wasn’t much, but it did prevent the Italians from causing any more trouble in our waters. However, the Eritrea and Ramb II evaded our patrols and managed to escape to Japan. This engagement would be the last surface battle with the Italians in this ocean. Still, auxiliary cruisers operated by the Germans were on the loose. The war had only begun on this vast ocean.


Well that was chapter 2. Yeah it was short but the battle itself wasn't that long anyways. Again, I promise that the real action begins in a couple of chapters. Hope to see you next week.

Who is the narrator? Did the chapter give any hints? If you figured it out, save it for later because the identity will be revealed in the final chapter.

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