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Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 3): German Presence

WorldOfWarships7 - Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 3): German Presence

Welcome back. This is chapter 3 of this mini series and today we will discuss the Action of 8 May, 1941 which involved the German auxiliary Pinguin. Excuse me for a relatively short story. Single ship actions tend to be like that. So enjoy this one for now.

Narrator: Before the Japanese entered the war to make this theatre of operations exciting, the Germans already had their presence. Their strategy was to disrupt shipping with their auxiliary cruisers as they raided or merchants. One of these was the notorious Pinguin. She had to be stopped and luckily, one heavy cruiser of ours found her…

May 8, 1941 off Seychelles

Pinguin: Alright, another ship sunk by me. My list is gonna be a little long. I’d better get moving and meet Adjutant at the rendezvous point.

Somewhere not far

Cornwall: Looks like a raider is nearby and she sunk one of our ships. Luckily I intercepted the distress signal. The coordinates seem to lead to this direction. Don’t worry British Emporer. I will avenge you. Let’s launch the scout planes shall we?

Cornwall scout 1: We’ll make sure to find anything suspicious.

Cornwall scout 2: I’m with you right there. Let’s get the mission done.

Scout 1 returns

Cornwall scout 1: Cornwall, I’ve spotted a ship heading southwest at 13 knots about 65 nautical miles of you.

Cornwall: Alright, let’s head over there. Scout 2, can you give me any additional info.

Cornwall scout 2: The unknown ship is moving at 15 knots now. Judging from the signal flags, the ship seems to be the Norwegian motor vessel, Tamerlane.

Cornwall: Hmm, that’s strange. The Tamerlane is not on my list of expected ships. Time for me to head on over and take a closer look.

Cornwall approaches Pinguin


Cornwall: You there. Halt immediately under the order of the Royal Navy.

Pinguin: Listen. I’m the Tamerlane. You should not be suspicious of my actions at all.

Cornwall: I fired a couple of warning shots. I order you to stop immediately.

Pinguin: Looks like I have no choice. All guns fire!

Cornwall: Ah, so you must be the infamous Raider F.

Pinguin: Pinguin is my name.

Cornwall: All guns fir- shit! Mechanical issues to my forward turrets!?

Pinguin: Now is my chance.

A shell hits Cornwalls steering gear

Cornwall: Ouch! At least the damage is minor. C’mon, fix yourself already. I wanna shoot.

Pinguin: Looks like my chance to make a run.

Cornwall: Mechanical issues solved. Now’s my chance.

Cornwall strikes Pinguin

Pinguin: Oh no! Looks like the end for me. Grrk!

Pinguin is sunk

Cornwall: I got you. Now these waters are a whole lot safer. Damage to me is light. I can get home with this.

Narrator: The Pinguin was infamous for sinking over 136k tonnes of shipping during her career. The success of Cornwall marked a major chapter as German surface raiders started to get picked off. We developed many methods to take them down and they would be picked off one by one.


Yeah, that's it. This is perhaps the shortest story I ever written but I needed content to fill. Have at it as you will. Once the Battle of Java Sea starts, they will get longer and more interesting.

Guess the narrator? She won't be revealed until the last chapter.

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