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Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 5): The Japanese Assault

WorldOfWarships6 - Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 5): The Japanese Assault

Hello guys. I forgot to post this yesterday because I got distracted. Oh well. You know I had to do it. Today's topic will focus on the Battle of the Java Sea. Well hope you enjoy. We finally reached the part where some actual action will happen.

Narrator: On the 7th of December, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and invaded several British territories. What was thought to be a war located mostly in the European sphere of influence has now spread out to a true outright global war. I feared what would happen next and the subsequent months showed that we were not ready to take on this new enemy. It became clear we were losing ground at a rate we had never seen before. It wasn’t long until their reach had spread so far south towards the islands of Indonesia…

February 27, 1942, Java Sea

Exeter: Houston, how is that aft turret of yours?

Houston: Not good. That Japanese air attack rendered it useless. I’m short on three guns.

De Ruyter: This is De Ruyter, flagship of the ABDA fleet. Our mission is to sink the Japanese amphibious force before they make landfall on Java

Perth: The escorts have superior firepower. Are you sure this is a good idea?

De Ruyter: We just need to take down the transports. That will be the only shot at victory that we will have.

Exeter: We have allied air support however, the weather is not cooperating with us.

Jupiter: It doesn’t help that the Japanese also jammed our radio frequencies. Communication will be poor.

Exeter: I am also the only one with radar.

Houston: Do you think it will work?

Exeter: It’s new for its time. We’ll see how it will play out.


Nachi: Haguro, do you see the enemy fleet. We need to keep the landing force safe.

Haguro: Not yet. We shouldn’t worry though. Our fleet is more powerful than theirs. We have the numbers and as far as I can tell, this multinational fleet of theirs has lost a lot of morale. They won’t be able to keep a coordinated attack.

Naka: How would you know that?

Haguro: It’s how most battles go. There are at least 4 countries in that fleet just to take on a fleet of only one nation. We are that one nation and we will overpower them.

Jintsu: She’s right.

Yamakaze: The multinational fleet has been spotted.

Nachi: Permission to engage granted. Don’t dare let them pass our line. Our transports rely on us.

Java: Enemies are in sight!

De Ruyter: All ships attack! We must break through.

Electra: Are we really taking on an entire Japanese fleet?

Kortenaer: We are vastly outgunned.

Exeter: I have good radar. Preparing to fire.

Both sides engage in a firefight but miss badly

Houston: All I’m doing is straddling one of those cruisers. Are the seas really that rough?

Exeter: What the hell is going on? I can’t hit anything.

Perth: We have to hit something by now.

Exeter takes an 8 inch shell

Exeter: Ow! Critical damage to my boiler.

De Ruyter: Witte de With and Electra, cover Exeter now and escort her to Surabaya. We can’t afford to leave a ship like her behind.

Witte de With: Yes rear admiral!

Electra: Wilco!

Nachi: I think one of us has scored a hit. All ships, launch a concentrated torpedo attack on the enemy fleet. Spread them out in two salvos.

Minegumo: Prepare the Long Lances!

Samidare: All destroyers, fire your torpedoes!

John D. Ford: Watch out! Incoming torpedo attack!

Paul Jones: I can dodge this one.

Houston: That was a close call.

Kortenaer: Damn it! I can’t dodge this one.

Kortenaer splits in half

Alden: We lost a ship. Who was that?

John D. Edwards: It was Kortenaer of the Dutch Navy. Things aren’t looking good for us.

Encounter: What power.

Haguro: I think one of my torpedoes hit its mark.

Nachi: Results are subpar. We launched 92 Long Lances and only one hit.

Haguro: I’ll take what I can.

Nachi: Jintsu, Asagumo, engage that destroyer near you.

Jintsu: Roger.

Asagumo: This is where the fun begins.

Electra: Help! I am under attack!

Witte de With: Sorry. I’m out of range and need to protect Exeter.

Electra: Shit! I’ll try to fire back then.


Jintsu: Blow her to bits.

Electra takes damage to the superstructure

Electra: I’m hit but I can still keep going.

Electra damages Asagumo

Asagumo: Guh! I’m damaged from return fire.

Jintsu: Retire from the battle now. A damaged ship is a liability for us.

Asagumo: Agreed. Make a turn back to base.

Electra is set ablaze

Electra: Hot hot hot! Ahhhhhh! Out of ammo too. Sorry lads, but I cannot continue anymore.

Electra sinks

Jintsu: She did a bit of damage to me but it’s negligible.

Exeter: Electra lost.

De Ruyter: The battle is not going in our favour. All ships make a retreat. DesDiv 58, set up a smokescreen and launch your torpedoes while we make our escape.

Paul Jones: On it.

Alden: Smokescreen is set.

John D. Ford: All torpedoes launched.

De Ruyter: Good. We must evade the fleet for now and hope to run into their convoy.

Houston: I don’t like where this is headed.

Later that night

Alden: This is DesDiv 58. With no torpedoes left, all of us are going to head back to Surabaya to restock. We cannot remain here any longer.

Perth: Well that is unfortunate.

Jupiter strikes a mine

Jupiter: No! Sorry, but the damage is too severe. Looks like this is the end for me.

Encounter: I’ll watch over you and salvage what I can.

Jupiter: I can’t believe a mine took me out…

Jupiter is sunk

Java: That means only us cruisers are left.

De Ruyter: It’s a damn shame we are put in this position. What happens if the Japanese find us?

Java: You had to jinx it for us.

Nachi: Enemy fleet spotted. It’s the same ones from last time.

Haguro: What are your orders?

Nachi: All ships, fire on them.

Hatsukaze: All guns are ready to fire.

Both sides engage in a slugfest

Nachi: This isn’t going anywhere. All ships, launch your torpedoes.

Yudachi: Torpedoes are ready ma’am!

Haguro: Launched!

Torpedoes hit Java and De Ruyter

Java: AHHHHH!!!! The pain! Oh God!

De Ruyter: EEERRGGHH!!!

Nachi: I scored a hit. Looks like a killing blow.

Haguro: I think I put their lead ship out of action.

Java: No! My stern magazines are destroyed. I have no more aft section. I’m about to die!

Java sinks

De Ruyter: I’m not faring any better. The damage can not be fixed. I’m ashamed for being the letter of this fractured fleet.

Houston: What will our last orders be?

De Ruyter: I hate to say it, but I order all surviving ships to retreat. You are low on munitions so you can not carry on. Please remember me while I sink here.

Perth: Understood. This has been an embarrassing defeat.

Houston: I have to hand it to them. The Japanese seem to know what they are doing. Retreating now. I don’t want to die here.

De Ruyter: Just go already.

De Ruyter sinks and the survivors retreat

Nachi: Battle’s over everyone. We won.

Haguro: That was easy. That is the strength of the might of our glorious empire.

Yukikaze: How did we fare in this battle?

Nachi: Well we sunk two of their cruisers and forced another to retreat. 3 of their destroyers were sunk and I think we scared the rest off. Jintsu has some minor damage and Asagumo is in need of some repairs right now. Another two destroyers took damage but I think it’s minor.

Haguro: In other words, we won the battle. Hopefully, we will win the rest and capture the Dutch East Indies for ourselves.

Narrator: This is just one of many defeats for the Allied navies against the IJN. It was embarrassing and it looked like nothing could stop the Japanese. From here on out, it was only going to get worse. The fates of the Allied survivors were already sealed…


Alright, that was pretty good. The next story will take place in the Sunda Strait. Also guess the narrator. Nobody knows who she is yet.

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