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Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 6): Sunda Strait

WorldOfWarships4 - Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 6): Sunda Strait

Welcome back. Last we left off was the Battle of the Java Sea. Now is time for the battle that happened on the next night. The Battle of Sunda Strait. Hope you enjoy.

Narrator: The two survivors of the First Battle of the Java Sea were able to escape the grasps of the Japanese fleet. They were to retreat through the Sunda Strait on the next day however, what they didn’t know was that they were going to run into more trouble. By chance, their fate was sealed on that very night.

February 28, 1942

Houston: I can’t believe I’m still going out with a damage turret.

Perth: We have no other choice. We need to reach Tjilatjap.

Houston: Our escort, Evertson, won’t even be here with us. She’s still getting ready.

Perth: Yeah, luck really isn’t on our side right now.

Houston: At least we should expect a few Australian corvettes along the way.

Perth: You and me both.

Meanwhile in Bantam Bay

Natori: Everyone, let me remind you that our mission is to protect the convoy of army transports. We need to have a good impression or else they will not like us for our actions.

Mogami: Yeah, yeah. We know what to do. It’s not like the Allies know we are out here. They’re fleets are in disarray compared to our mighty strength.

Ryujo: Cut the crap. You’re probably going to screw this up.

Mogami: Am not!

Natori: Shut it. Just carry on with the mission.

Fubuki: I see a couple ships not far from us. Are they ours?

Shikinami: Can’t be. We have no reports of any of our ships out here. Be ready to attack them.

Natori: The Army’s convoy needs protection. Harukaze, get in a little closer to investigate.

Harukaze: Affirmative.

Perth: Houston, I see a ship in front of us.

Houston: Who is it? An Australian corvette?

Perth: I’ll try to signal it.

Houston: She’s signalling back. But those patterns make no sense.

Perth: Her lamp colour isn’t right either.

Houston: It’s a Japanese ship. We were led into a trap!

Perth: Oh no. Fire the forward guns! Shoot her or something!

Harukaze: I think I’m spotted.

Fubuki: I’ll fire the torpedoes. You make a turn away.

Harukaze: On it.

Asakaze: Don’t forget the smokescreen.

Perth: She’s getting away!

Houston: I’m trying!

Harukaze is hit

Harukaze: Damage to the bridge, engine room and rudder. I’m a bit stung! AH! Where is the support?

Natori: All ships engage. Help a fellow destroyer out will you?

Mikuma: Engaging the enemy ships.

Natori: Shoot back! Don’t forget to fire your torpedoes.

Murakumo: Affirmative.

Houston: Who am I shooting at!?

Perth: Just how many ships do they have here?

Evertson enters the battle

Evertson: This doesn’t look good. I better evade the action.

Ryujo Maru: What is going on here?

IJA Transport: Looks like a battle is going on.

Ryujo Maru: Well at least they are offering us good cover.

Houston: Cruiser spotted. I’m engaging.

Mikuma is hit

Mikuma: Ouch! I’m hit.

Suzuya: You ok?

Mikuma: I’m fine.

Houston: I have confirmed hits. I think I hit at least 3 destroyers and a cruiser.

Shirayuki: I’m under fire and have taken a hit to the bridge.

March 1

Perth: Out of ammo. We need to break through now. I think sinking a couple of transports might be enough to send a message.

4 torpedoes strike Perth

Perth: Loud screaming. How many torpedoes do they have?


Houston: Such power…

Perth: It’s no use… I can’t stay afloat. Houston, get away from here please…

Perth sinks

Houston: Damn it!

Houston takes a torpedo hit

Houston: Hrgh! I’m not going down just yet.

Fubuki: Whose torpedoes were that?

Houston takes 3 more torpedo hits

Natori: All nearby destroyers. Get close to her and ravage her with machine guns.

Houston is shredded by gunfire

Houston: Deep breaths So this is it…What else can I really do?

Houston sinks

Hatsuyuki: All ships confirmed down.

Torpedoes blow up a minesweeper and some transports

Natori: What the?

Ryujo Maru: Why are our ships sinking? Was it friendly fire?

Mogami: Uh… no…?

Ryujo Maru takes a friendly hit

Ryujo Maru: What the hell?! Friendly fire!

Natori: Be careful when firing your torpedoes next time.

Mogami: Well we lost the transport holding the general.

Ryujo Maru: This is why we shouldn’t trust the Navy!

Ryujo Maru sinks

Shirakumo: Wait, who is that?

Evertson: Oh crap.

Murakumo: Enemy destroyer spotted. Chase her down!

Evertson: I must make a run for it.

Shirakumo: Damn, she escaped from our sights.

Evertson: Did I lose them? Maybe if I turn back again, I can sneak by without them noticing.

Murakumo: There she is again.

Shirakumo: Running away buddy?

Evertson: Shit, they’re still here!?

Natori: Take her down.

Murakumo: Fire!

Evertson: Shit, shit, shit!

Shirakumo: Don’t let her use her smokescreen.

Murakumo: Let me get a clean shot then.

Evertson’s stern is set on fire

Evertson: Yow! They got me.

Murakumo: Nice shot.

Shirakumo: Thanks.

Evertson: Damn, the fire can’t be contained. Maybe if I beach myself I won’t sink. There is a shallow reef here I think. Good. Now I can launch the torpedoes.

Murakumo: Looks like she got herself stuck.

Shirakumo: No look. She’s on fire.

Evertson: You’ll never get me alive!

Evertson blows up

Shirakumo: Looks like all target ships have been sunk.

Natori: I think we can wrap up this battle. I have good news and bad news.

Hatakaze: What’s the good news?

Natori: We sunk all the enemy ships.

Hatsuyuki: And the bad news?

Natori: Our losses happened to be all from friendly fire. Somebody fired their torpedoes improperly and some of the Army’s transports have sunk. 4 in fact as well as a minesweeper. This won’t be good PR for us and now the IJA won’t trust us as much anymore.

Narrator: And like that, more Allied ships were lost all because of chance. The Japanese were very fortunate during those early months, however, the ride through hell wasn’t over yet. The ABDA fleet was slowly picked off one by one and now it was time for another victim to fall in the Java Sea…


So let's see here. According to my list, the next battle will happen on the following day and will involve Exeter's last stand. Be sure to tune into the action next week and see you next time. Oh and before I go, guess who the narrator is.

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