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Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 8): Easter Sunday

WorldOfWarships2 - Battle for the Indian Ocean (Part 8): Easter Sunday

Hello everyone. Today's war story topic will focus on the Indian Ocean Raids or more specifically, the Easter Sunday Raid. How convenient, it's the Easter weekend too because I totally didn't plan this to line up (Ignore the fact that that the actual dates don't line up at all). Well anyways, enjoy this feature.

Narrator: The British Fleet responded to the Japanese attacks on their colonies and possessions. They of course were on a losing battle during the opening days and it only got worse from there. Now pushed back all the way to India, the closest port for them was at Ceylon and it served as the front line of this theatre of war.. The Japanese continued their relentless attacks hoping to force the Royal Navy out of Asian waters. This is one of their raids…

April 4, 1942 Indian Ocean, near Ceylon

“Birchall” PBY Catalina: Attention HQ, I see the Japanese carrier force not too far from our base.

Ceylon HQ: What!? They’re attacking on a weekend and especially Easter Sunday!? This isn’t good. Our radars are down for maintenance.

“Birchall” PBY Catalina: Well get them up and running before-


Ceylon HQ: Birchall? Do you read? Shit. Get all forces on this island to prepare for an attack. Oh and don’t forget to move every able ship out of the harbour to safety.

Hiryu A6M2: Scout plane shot down.

Hiryu: Good work. We must maintain the element of surprise.

Akagi: Well done Hiryu. This will bring out another swift and sweet victory for us.

Soryu: Our first priority target is Colombo. That’s where most of the ships should be at least.

Shokaku: It should be just like Pearl Harbor. They won’t see what hit them.

April 5

Akagi: Flight preparations are complete.

Hiryu: All aircraft from Akagi, Soryu and me, prepare to sortie.

Akagi: Fuchida of the first attack wave, lead the planes to victory.

“Fuchida” B5N: Roger, preparing to take off.

The attacking aircraft reach Colombo

B5N 1: I see the harbour.

B5N 2: Only 3 ships? Looks like we were off our mark.

“Fuchida” B5N: Regardless, we must bring a deadly blow to them if we want to send them a message. Let’s attack those ships first.

Ratmalana Airport: All aircraft scramble. The Japanese are attacking us!

No. 30 Squad. Hurricane: This is the No. 30 Squadron. We will take off to intercept.

Hector: Oh no! Why are there so many of them. I can’t fend them off of me.

No. 30 Squad. Hurricane: We’re tangled with the Zeros. We can barely shoot down any of their aircraft.

Tenedos: This is not good.

3rd Searchlight/Light AA Reg.: Our Anti air is not enough.

Hector: Support! Someone give me support!

Hector is bombed and set ablaze


Tenedos: Holy hell, and she was about to be decommissioned soon.

Hector is then sunk

B5N 1: Auxiliary cruiser sunk. Proceed to the next target.

“Fuchida” B5N: All planes still loaded with bombs, move on to the destroyer over there.

Tenedos: Looks like I’m the next to go. My AA won’t be able to take them down.

Japanese aircraft bomb Tenedos to death

Ceylon HQ: Another ship lost. Fortunately we relocated most of the ships to reduce damage.

Japanese bomber: I think I see some fuel tanks. I should bomb that as all ships in harbour have been destroyed.

Civilian: The Angoda mental asylum has been bombed!

Ceylon HQ: What in bloody hell are the Japanese thinking? These are war crimes!

The first wave returns to the carriers

Akagi: Good work Fuchida. Second wave lets go! I think sending the dive bombers out should do.

Tone: Akagi, my scout plane has spotted two cruisers southwest of Ceylon.

Akagi: Really? Egusa, lead your bombers to the position of those cruisers. We need to remove the threat.

“Egusa” D3A: Copy that admiral! I’ll make sure we break them apart in only one sortie.


Cornwall: Dorsetshire, look! Japanese dive bombers ahead.

Dorsetshire: Damn we are way out of position from our fleet.

Cornwall: That’s a lot of planes.

Dorsetshire: Hurry! Get your anti air defenses ready!

“Egusa” D3A: All planes, attack!

D3A 1: Releasing bombs.

Bombs hit both ships

Cornwall: ERGH!

Dorsetshire: UGH!

D3A 2: Our bombs hit the mark.

“Egusa” D3A: Continue to attack. Make sure they sink!

Cornwall: Dorsetshire, I’m scared… I’m scared.

Dorsetshire: Sorry Cornwall, there’s nothing I can do. The Japanese carrier power is overwhelming.

The final bombs finish the cruisers off

“Egusa” D3A: The cruisers have been eliminated.

Akagi: Good work. Let’s continue bombing Colombo.

Meanwhile, while the Japanese continue bombing the city

Albacore 1: I see the Japanese fleet.

Albacore 2: So do I.

Formidable: Where are they. They’re the ones who sunk Dorsetshire and Cornwall.

Indomitable: We need to take them out as quickly as possible.

Albacore 1: Damn it, I’m under attack! AAHHHHH!!!

Albacore 2: Help! I’m being shot at!

Formidable: Hello? Are there any survivors.

Albacore 2: My friend was shot down. I’m still alive, but in bad shape. Japanese aircraft are hindering our ability to get a got sight of the carrier positions.

Indomitable: I guess we’ll continue probing for them until nightfall.

They couldn’t find the Japanese carriers

Formidable: The hunt cannot continue. Just where are they hiding?

Indomitable: Well we lost our only chance of getting them now.

April 6


News Broadcast: Colombo and the suburbs were attacked yesterday at 8 o'clock in the morning by 75 enemy aircraft which came in waves from the sea. Twenty-five of the raiders were shot down, while 25 more were damaged. Dive-bombing and low-flying machine-gun attacks were made in the Harbour and Ratmalana areas. A medical establishment in the suburbs was also bombed.

April 9, near Trincomalee Harbour

Akagi: It’s time to strike again.

Shokaku: All aircraft are loaded and ready.

Zuikaku: Let’s see who can sink the most tonnage.

Hiryu: We’ll see about that.

Soryu: This isn’t a game. Just focus on the mission.

Akagi: All aircraft, bomb Trincomalee Harbour. Those British pests need to be removed.

Japanese aircraft approach the harbour

China Bay Aerodrome: All fighters scramble. Incoming Japanese bombers and fighters.

Hurricane 1: Here they come:

Fulmar: Engaging.

Hurricane 2: There’s so many of them.

Hurricane 3: We’ll see what we can do. Try to minimize the damage.

Intense air battle above

Fulmar: Ack! I’m going down.

Hurricane 1: I can’t hold any longer. NOOOOO!!!

At least 9 British planes were lost

Hollyhock: I’m being bombed!

Erebus: I have taken a bit of damage.

SS Sagaing: GAH! A bomb hit me and I’m set ablaze!!!

Hollyhock: You’re somehow alive but for how long?

SS Sagaing: Half of me is lost already. I don’t know if I can last.

Hollyhock is bombed

Hollyhock: Scream. I know I won’t. Goodbye cruel world.

Hollyhock is sunk

Japanese bomber: I’ve taken considerable damage and will not be able to return home. Those fuel tanks look like good targets though.

Japanese fighter: Just what are you trying to do.

Japanese bomber: I will do a sacrifice to cause great damage.

Japanese bomber crashes into the China Bay Aerodrome fuel tanks

China Bay Aerodrome: What the hell? That was deliberate.

Japanese fighter: Farewell friend. May your suicidal sacrifice not go in vain.

Erebus: Damn that’s a big fire.

Japanese bombers return to the carriers

Akagi: Good work. That should be enough damage for them to not recover.

Haruna: My spotter has detected a British carrier being escorted by a lone destroyer.

Akagi: Well what do you know? All planes from all carriers, launch immediately. We have a carrier to sink.

Haruna: It looks like the Hermes.

Meanwhile off Batticaloa

Hermes: It’s a good thing we had advanced warning to not be in the port. The attack ceased and now we can return.

Vampire: Wait, is that a recon plane?

Vita: I just caught up. Yeah, that is a recon plane.

Hermes: Crap, our position is compromised. I’ll send in a message for help. C’mon, get the message sent on time.

Vampire: That isn’t good. The Japanese bombers are on their way.

Hermes: What do we do? I left my Swordfish squadron back at the base.

Vampire: Guess we need to rely on our AA.

D3A 1: It looks like she has no aircraft. We got ourselves a sitting duck.

A6M 1: I’ll keep an eye out for fighters.

A6M 2: Yeah, this is only a small escort but I think you will be fine for now.

D3A 2: I’m preparing my attack.

Hermes: Oh this is going to hurt.

Hermes is hit multiple times

Vampire: Hermes! Keep yourself together!

Hermes: Arrrgghh! I don’t think I will last.

Hermes takes more bomb hits and sinks

D3A 1: British carrier Hermes sunk.

D3A 3: Let’s re arm and finish that destroyer too.

D3A 1: Good idea.

Vampire: Hermes! Hermes! Stay afloat for me Hermes!

Vita: I’m afraid she is gone now. Those bombs ravaged her and she can no longer stay above the water.

273 Squad. Fulmar II: Damn it, we were too late.

803 Squad. Fulmar: Guess the mission was a failure.

Vampire: I only have myself to blame. All I could do was watch. They seem to have spared me though.

Japanese bombers return

D3A 1: We’re back and coming for you puny destroyer!

Vampire: What!? They aren’t done!? Now they’re coming for me.

Vita: Look out Vampire!

Vampire: Gah! Thanks for the heads up.

D3A 2: Steady now…

Vampire: C’mon trusty AA gun, hit something.

D3A 2: No! She got me!

A6M 2: Hey some of our planes are getting shot down.

A6M 1: Watch out for the interceptors. Shoot them down if you can.

Vampire finally takes a bomb hit and sinks

Vampire: Gah! It hurts so much. I’m split in half and will die here in vain.

Vita: Vampire no!

Vampire: I’m sorry. I guess this is my fate.

Back at the Japanese fleet

Akagi: All planes are back. Only 4 losses. Not too bad. Looks like the damage we caused is effective. We sunk over 7 ships including a carrier over the past few days.

Shokakau: Looks like a mission well done.

Hiryu: Perfect I would say. Now let’s get out of here before they figure out where we are.

Narrator: While it may be true the Japanese won this battle, it did almost nothing to the Royal Navy or the British Empire at all. Ceylon for the most part was reinforced and the Japanese had no means of trying to take the island. The Royal Navy still had their main carriers roaming the seas and soon enough, this shallow victory will bite them in the back.


Who is this narrator? Was she a survivor of this battle? We don't know yet until the finale. We will find out soon enough. Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to come back next week for more action.

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