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Battleship and cruiser line dissection

WorldOfWarships5 - Battleship and cruiser line dissection

About two weeks ago u/SuperCustodiam made an excellent dissection of all the DD lines in the game, and said he was available to do the same for the BB and CA/L lines if there was interest for it. So here's a post with interest for it.

Here's the DD dissection for reference:

IJN Shimakaze Line:

Skill Floor: Very High

Skill Ceiling: Extremely High

DDs that go all in on torpedoes; they fare very poorly against any ship in a prolonged gun duel, or even if it's just spotted for breif moment, as they have no HP to trade against other ships. However, if you get into the right spot, you can single handedly cripple, if not outright kill ships you hit with your torpedoes. Very difficult to play, and requires near perfect positioning to succeed, with very little room for mistakes.

IJN Harugumo Line:

Skill Floor: High (Tier VI-VII) Intermediate (Tier VIII-X)

Skill Ceiling: Very High (VI-VII) High (VIII-X)

Hatsuharu and Shiratsuyu play pretty much like the Shimakaze line, but once you get to Tier VIII is when it really changes: the 100mm Type 98 has 25mm base penetration, basically allowing you to play as a light cruisers without a citadel with smoke and hard hitting torpedoes.

USN Gearing Line:

Skill Floor: Intermediate

Skill Ceiling: High

Jack of all trades, masters of none: USN Destroyers are very flexible ships, allowing you to play them however you like, either as smoke firing gunboats, torpedo boats, AA gunboats, or hybirds of various combinations. Recommended for beginners.

Russian Khabarvosk Line:

Skill Floor: High

Skill Ceiling: Very High

Gunboats that use their high velocity guns to harass ships at range and utilize their high speed to avoid enemy fire. Their high detection range makes them poor scouts and even struggle to contest capture points, especially when aircraft are present. Their torpedoes are very short ranged as well, limiting them for self defense against an angry ship pushing onto them.

Russian Grozovoi Line:

Skill floor: Intermediate

Skill Ceiling: High

A side grade to the gunboats you're use to, these 3 ships have slightly better concealment, making them more flexible in their ability to utilize their torpedoes more than the Khabarvosk line can. They come with a lot of consumables to utilize, making them fun to customize to your liking.

German Z-52 Line:

Skill Floor: High

Skill Ceiling: Very High


Torpedo boats that instead of focusing purely on their torpedoes damage and range, they have fantastic reload time at the cost of damage. They also have rather poor detection range compared to other torpedo focused ships, making it hard for them to contest capture points. However, they do get access to long range hydroacoustic search starting tier VII, allowing them to smoke up and bully other destroyers that might spot them. That combined with their higher than average HP, powerful AP vs DDs, decent RoF guns make them interesting torpedo boats that play differently than other nations torpedo focused Destroyers.

British Daring Line:

Skill Floor: Easy

Skill Ceiling: High

Gun focused destroyers that play around their fast reloading, short duration smoke screens to harass enemies. They are able to single fire their torpedoes, like British cruisers, but lack comfortable range until tier IX-X, making them risky to attempt torpedo attacks with prior planning. Also starting tier IX they get 2 things: repair party, which allows them to trade HP a bit more comfortably, and improved AP angles, allowing them to easily shred other DDs with their rapid fire guns. Probably the most forgiving DD line in my opinion and very beginner friendly since you can spam smoke.

French Klebar Line

Skill Floor: High

Skill Ceiling: Extremely High

High speed destroyers that specialize in ambushing ships with their ludicrous speed, powerful light cruiser level AP, and medium ranged speedy torpedoes. They have absolutely no smoke, meaning you have to completely rely on your speed and proper positioning to survive. However, their offensive potential is very high, with high penetration on their 139mm guns that can citadel cruisers a medium ranges, and unique damage saturation mechanic that prevents you from dying too quickly. Offense is the best defense in these ships, rewarding aggressive playstyle.

Pan Asian Yueyang Line:

Skill Floor: Intermediate

Skill Ceiling: High

Various destroyers from varying nations that specialize in deep water torpedoes that have very low detection, but cannot hit destroyers. Despite this drawback, they have very servicable guns, especially tier VIII-X, that are all USN destroyers. Their smoke screens also have a long active duration but short lifetime, allowing them to lay large smokescreens for allies. Also a decent line for beginners.

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