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Beat The Rush! Fight the impending Soviet BB flood. What will you play when the Red Curtain is pulled back?

WorldOfWarships1 - Beat The Rush! Fight the impending Soviet BB flood. What will you play when the Red Curtain is pulled back?

I'm super pumped to try the new incoming Russian battleship line, but I'm only too painfully aware so will a ton of other players. Visions of queues with 3CV/27BB/4CA/2DD while the timer ticks merrily away haunt me, so I'm thinking this is the perfect time to start leveling a new line of ships that's both complimentary to the teams we'll be in and a bane to those we face.

Looking at the strengths of the new line, it looks to me they'd be starved for the following:

1) someone to spot for them early, so they avoid deploying in a position where their angle tanking doesn't work. To me this spells CV.

2) something to defend against HE spam. While more of a universal BB issue, the capability against AP will drive an even harder HE reliance. Being inaccurate at range means other sniper BBs will be valuable, but I don't like the idea of bringing different BBs to solve the excessive BB queues. My ideal candidates? IJN BB

3) someone to cover them while they get in place. I get the impression the idea is to angle tank while getting into mid range, and then annihilate with accuracy. Much like running a brawller BB, it's the "getting into range" bit that's most fraught with danger. Could light cruisers be the solution to keeping our Soviet heavy comrades safe? Is RN CL the new BB sport of choice? Or would a heavy like KM be safest (#angletanktheuniverse)?


On the other camp, how do we hobble the enemy team saturated with Moscow metal?

1) deny them vision: pick anti-destroyer DDs and hunt down their vision. Could the probable drop in enemy cruisers mean it's DD party time? Is it time to dust off those PA or RN destroyer ambitions?

2) deny them power. Stick to sniper CAs and rain accurate HE death on them while kiting, avoiding their midrange. Did someone say Chapayev?

3) embrace your inner weeb. The medicine for BB flood is DD counter. Start the route to shimakaze and be the fish monger you always admired. Their reliance on hiding broadside means they're extra susceptible to flanking. Either take the side torp and die, or bank and expose side to the enemy BBs.

What are everyone's thoughts? I'm thinking of starting down the PA DD line. Despite the recent Yueyang meganerf the power to reveal DDs while still invisible sounds perfect to me, and I don't fancy being a cruiser with radar: close enough to uncover their DDs means closer enough for the Stallinium BBehemoths to delete.

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