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Begginers guide to CL’s (light)

WorldOfWarships6 - Begginers guide to CL's (light)

As seen above, this is to label pros and cons of each nations light cruisers and what to expect when working down these lines and difficulty levels of each one. If you already know the game and are just looking for information on the next ship line you want to tackle sit down, grab a coffee, and enjoy this article. Maybe it will help you too.

Lets begin with a simple one: USN, United States Navy for those who dont know naval jargen or abbreviations well. USN light cruiser start off strong with ships like the Chester and St. Louis, guns everywhere and deceny armored. However, past these fun ships shows the USN's true light cruiser strength, and biggest handicaps. The pheonix is a semi good introduction to how nost of the future USN Light cruisers will play like, little to no armor, easy to hit citadels, high firing arcs, amzingly broken AA (anti-air) ratings and high rates of fire Pheonix and Omaha play very alike as both come with torpedos and rapid firing guns but basic gameplay. After the Omaha and you grab yourself a Dallas, the rest of the ships play very similar from here forward. you surrender torpedos for more firepower and aa weaponry, and your biggest strengths will be to tuck yourself in tightly to islands and lob HE shells over them, setting fires and burning enemies down to the keel while ripping enemy aircraft out of the sky and making destroyers wish they had stayed home sick from work.

Next, now that you got your feet wet in america, lets visit the UK. The Royal Navy light cruisers are very unique in terms of several factors actually. They come tier 4+ with early access to a super heal that gives large portions of ship health back, and a smoke screen that you MUST slow down to 1/4 speed to take advantage of as it only takes a couple seconds to set once activated. British cruisers also use special torpedo tubes that have a tight spread option AND single fire option. it is a good idea to use the single fire torpedo mode against Slow moving, unsuspecting battleships and try to fire them in a single file line to maximize cause and affect and use tight spread against more agile opponets. Now, what makes these ships truly special is the Semi-armor piercing shells they fire as this is the ONLY ammunition type they have at their disposal outside of torpedos. The last strength i wil touch on is AA. The British Light Cruisers have excellent AA ratings the higher up the tech tree you climb as well as better combat performance in geneal with the ships. OH! Before someone crucifies me they also have the fastest accelerating cruisers and destroyers in the game. Dont believe me? Go grab a Danea and prove me wrong lol.


British Light Cruisers do have weaknesses though and critical ones at that. These ships being limited only to AP rounds does mean they cannot set fires at any given time using conventional means with your primary weapons. Not being able to use a wide spread on your torpedo tubes also means you need to take a couple extra seconds to ensure the spread will hit before launching. Also, the ships suffer critically low armor ratings and alarmingly high citadels, making them the equivalent of sailing around in a paper boat your 2nd grade arts and crafts teacher had you make for a school project. Last 2 things i will mention is the menuverability is poor due to the focus on acceleration so turning and rudder shift times as well as deceleration leaves much to be desires and it has paimfully high fire arcs, and very slow shell travel time causes many users of these ships to adopt the american style of light cruiser gameplay of island camping.

Russian light cruisers are actually mediocre in many regards and is the nation i know the least about so if someone who doesn know more on the russian light cruisers would be so kind as to comment below a little pro and con guide that would be awesome. I judt dont like the way they look or handle and they dont match my fighting style otherwise od give them a go or try to learn more.

Now i could mention Japan, but japan focuses on mostly heavy cruisers for 6/10 tiers and only the first 4 are true light cruisers. Yes i know the Mogami can use light cruiser guns. We dont count this lol. We will skip Germany and france as well as they will be included in a heavy cruiser guide i will make in the future if this one is recieved positively enough.

I believe i touched base on the primary light cruiser lines (non-premium variants) enough fkr you to make a decision on which is best for you or at least have better knowledge on them to know how to take them down or counter them a little better. If i missed a nation leave a comment and i will edit it in asap to keep this as up to date as i can.

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