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Black ships hopefully don’t start a trend…

WorldOfWarships3 - Black ships hopefully don't start a trend...

Disclaimer: I'm being snarky.

We used to have these things called premium camos, where you paid a pretty penny to make your ship look different and also have bonuses applied. It was a neat concept helped pay for the game.

Now, if you want your ship to look different, instead of buying a camo, Wargaming now let's you buy the same ship AGAIN, except this time, it's painted a new color! This is amazing!

Now, instead of having one crumby match in the Tirpitz I've had for years, I can use the Tirpitz B that I just won, and at least die while looking badass! This is amazing. At least I'm not some poor soul that actually wasted money just because he/she REALLY wanted that cool new Black camo. Errr, I mean the B variant, which is a TOTALLY different ship, according to Wargaming.


Anyways, snark aside, I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end. A couple years ago WoT started taking a turn for the worse with painfully obvious pay to win premium tanks, and up until now, really the biggest thing that bothered me with WoWS is how flags that can be refilled with gold are set to automatically be purchased using gold (sorry for saying gold, you know what I mean), as well as the Mass which was literally the same exact ship as an Alabama, yet insanely better secondaries? We've had a few overpowered prems, but for the most part, there's been a balancing reaction to them after the fact where I don't feel as bitter as I did with WoT.

These B ships on the other hand, are absolute shit. Wargaming is calling them completely different ships since they obviously think we're going to buy them anyways. What's next? White ships? Red? Santa Ships?

I would've been okay if there actually WAS a difference, like improved concealment (it's black!) with worse traverse or something, or different consumables.

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Black camo? Awesome. Black painted 'new' ship that is identical to an existing ship in every other way possible? Dick move.


I know I sound bitter, I just don't want to see this game end up like WoT…

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