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Bored? Make up your own game / challenge!

WorldOfWarships1 - Bored? Make up your own game / challenge!

I've been bored lately due to mediocre Italian battleship line and keeping my captains away from the rework drama ( as I'm strictly free-to-play ). To entertain myself with the game, I wanted to test out an age old comment of "It's way too easy to get to higher tiers". Is it that really true? So I looked for "speed-run" examples on Google, but only found
194098 speedrunning in wows to tier vi in 45 battles under 12 hours brand new account challenge runna - Bored? Make up your own game / challenge!

one recent example. Thus, I gave myself a challenge this past weekend.


  • Start a brand new account
  • Get to Tier 8 with fewest battles as I can
  • Use only freely provided rewards

Why Tier 8? I figured that's a good goal post as I consider ranked battles ( which starts at Tier 8 this season ) as "end-game" for a solo player. If I get more feedback and/or this keeps being fun, I could extend it out to first Tier 10 ship.

Progress so far

Here's album of my progress on first weekend. I've made it to Tier 5 with decent amount of resources and just 43 battles.

Account setup

I used a recruiting code to start a new account with the bonus, as the free Warspite is part of my strategy along with the 9pt Soviet and 10pt Royal Navy captain. The premium time boost is also nice too, as I can trigger the 2nd set of 7 days at my own pace.

Game mode strategy

Tier 1-4

Only co-op mode with bots, with the exception of 2 random battles needed to satisfy campaign requirements. The reason is that co-op under Tier 5 are still within "protected matchmaking" so you're not going to face tier 5+ battleships that can punch through angled cruiser armor. Co-op bots are also very predictable and loves to rush into the middle, becoming prey to torpedoes. Also, we want to get through "Science of Victory" campaign as efficiently as possible to get some of the rewards there. Lastly, co-op mode generally resolve faster than random battles, saving me time.

Tier 5

Mostly random battles with sprinkle of co-op battles to collect daily or easy rewards. Get as much experience as efficient as possible to get to Tier 6. I will probably use my FXP balance to skip as much of Tier 5 as possible.



Start running operations at Tier 6 and Tier 7 to secure more predictable experience points using maximum economic boost. When Narai hits, this is when I'll trigger the 2nd set of 7 days premium to help maximize the experience gain.

Ship strategy

Royal Navy cruisers

This line is ideal for speeding through this challenge. Tier 3 Caledon and Tier 4 Danae are really strong ships for meeting campaign requirements and possess all the right characteristics for mowing down bots at the low-tiers. The AP shells are great for citadels, and Caledon/Danae has amazing torpedo power at such low tier. The armor is just enough to bounce most shells from bots. Heals being available at Tier 3 is also great. The key piece of the run though, is at Tier 6 and Tier 7. Leander is decent option in most operations, but my key strategy is to run Narai with Fiji to gobble up the experience points for the highest hurdle ( T7 -> T8 ).


Some of the campaign and mission requirements need Warspite to fill, like setting fires and dealing reliable main gun damage in Tier 5+ environment. It's a rough idea right now, so we'll see how it turns out.

Campaigns & Missions

Grab as much rewards as possible from "Science of Victory" and "Five Epoch". Tier 1-4 will mostly focus on "Science of Victory" since that's the only available avenue for rewards. Tier 5+ will get more complicated as options open up in campaign between "Science of Victory" and "Five Epoch", along with the combat mission becoming available.

But this just adds more potatos in my PvP matches!

Well, sort of… but not really. This challenge is "fewest battles possible", and not "shortest time". It requires both understanding of how the game economy works and bit of skill & planning to maximize efficiency. Plus, my strategy is mostly done in PvE environment, and for new players who's only interested in PvE, this could serve as a guide to get them up to speed.

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