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Bottom tier Helena: a struggle

WorldOfWarships1 - Bottom tier Helena: a struggle

I really like playing Helena. Just like I loved playing Dallas. She's a great ship. But at bottom tier, I really struggle. I think my Helena's seeing a lot more T9 games than T7. First, is there a way to see stats by ships…? I'd love to know if that's right or if I'm just plan wrong! Which is very possible… T9 games leave much more of an impression.

I think a lot of it is me (I am nothing but a rather mediocre player, and that's fine. It's a game. I have fun). A lot of it, though, is her lack of flexibility. She IS a versatile ship… but at T9, citadeling cruisers with AP just won't work vs. T6 or 7. At T9, she'll face tons of Alaska too… and these EAT Helenas for fun (I had four Helena games today, 3 were T9s, 2 had Alaskas, both times the Alaskas got me). And her range is VERY bad (a little over 14km with the upgraded module), so contributing to HE spam from afar is tricky… and often won't pen anyway. Thankfully she's a decent firestarter (can't recall if I'm running IFHE on her though).

Now I am a mediocre player, but I have situational and tactical awareness. I know when I'll get spotted or not. I know when to use islands. I know when not to be the juiciest target, etc… so I do have the basics out there, I don't rush in first and get focused. I don't go cap right away. I don't stay in open ocean.


Weirdly, I don't have the same issue with New Orleans… or rather, not as bad. I also didn't have it with Algerie at all, where its awesome range and HE was useful (dispersion was way worse, but at least I a) stayed alive and b) could set T9 ships on fire AND deal damage sometimes… Even with the detection range of a cathedral). So heavy cruisers, I can scale to a higher tier. Light cruiser… I prefer playing them, but

I get that bottom tier happens. That's cool. It's a game, I won't get mad for it. Would I prefer better balance? Hell yes. I think T7 ships just do NOT compete at T9. And that's before talking about the players; I look back at how much playtime it took me to go from T1 to T6, vs. how much I'm needing to do T7 to 8, and I'm thinking these T9 players have at least twice the experience with the game as a T7 player (I myself have only been playing since December, none of my friends play, I am not in a Division or Clan, etc…). And I am not talking about being a T7 French DD in a T9 game with radar (trust me, that's basically worse than that Helena situation here…). That's just the game.

So, for you all who are T7 players and find yourselves in a T9 game in ships like Helena… how do you play? Do you just do the same things that make Helena work, but… it's just harder? Or is there a trick somewhere I totally missed?

Thanks for any tips!

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