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British DD Split Speculation

WorldOfWarships5 - British DD Split Speculation

I've been doing some thinking about a possible British Destroyer Split, and decided to make this quick photoshop of what I'd expect. It is by no means prefect. Coming up with a remotely feasible split is surprisingly hard.

Flavor and gimmicks?

Now WG could balance and give a British DD split any crazy sort of flavor they like, but I think it'd be best to keep to a pretty solid, traditional gunboat lineup. They retain a lot of standard British features like their acceleration and lack of Speed Boost, but now you're getting Better Guns and German Smoke (Or Standard British Hydro in this slot). Nothing too crazy right? The tier IX and X the way I've laid it out would have Torp Reload Booster as well. Perhaps the higher tiers could get a heal, but you get the picture.

Ship Specifics (Mostly Armaments, no real stats)

HMS Exmouth

(5 x 120mm guns, 8 x 533mm Torp Tubes)

On the surface Exmouth appears to be similar enough to ships like Acasta, Gallant, and Icarus, right? Exmouth is one of several flotilla leaders of the A through G-classes of destroyers, and actually features a fifth gun. That's it. A bit like a 5 Gun Gallant with the flavor described above.

HMS Kelly

(6 x 120mm guns, 10 x 533mm Torp Tubes)

Kelly is essentially Jervis, but rebalanced to fit into the new line. Why not just move Jervis? To my knowledge no ships have been fundamentally changed during a split. I think it'd be best to simply keep Jervis the way she is, push her to the armory like Kirov or Moskva, and just reintroduce a reworked version of her as Kelly. Simple as that. Or totally just rework Jervis outright.

HMS Lance

(8 x 102mm guns, 8 x 533 Torp Tubes)

Once again a class we already have in game, but quite different. Rather than the standard six 120mm guns the rest of the L/M-class has, 4 ships (including HMS Lance) were outfitted with eight 102mm guns instead. I think she would work well in the line with the extra guns, but the lower overall caliber might prove to be problematic.


HMS Eskimo

(8 x 120mm guns, 4 x 533 Torp Tubes + Torp Reload Boost)

Tech tree Tribal-class. Again, aforementioned flavor. She would also feature Torpedo Reload boost though, and lack Cossack's quicker reloading torpedoes. Her overall stats would look better than Cossack since she's a tier higher. Lack of AA might be and issue though.

HMS Briton (Royal Navy Design V Destroyer Leader)

(10 x 120mm guns, 5 x 533 Torp Tubes + Torp Reload Boost)

I couldn't find any info other than what's provided on Tzoli's DeviantArt and the name is totally a placeholder. She's really just a 10 gun Tribal. Apparently it's a preliminary design for the Cossack's but I'm not sure and as much as paper ships disgusted me, it's what works at tier 10. She would have Torpedo Reload Booster like Eskimo. Once again AA could be a problem, but since she's already paper a fictional AA refit wouldn't hurt much more.


HMS Tenacious

(4 x 120 mm guns, 8 x 533 Torp Tubes)

I am fully aware that as a S/T-class she breaks the class progression of the main line (If you care about details like that), but Jervis needed a quick replacement. The S through Z-class don't exist at all in the game, and I think it's be nice to see them in some form. If you don't like her or don't think she works, there's still a fair amount of other possibilities.

End Bit

Whether or not this is horribly wrong or unrealistic, I had a fun time making it. And I really think it goes to show that some sort of British DD split is totally feasible compared to some of the other totally 100% real splits that certain other nations have. Mine is rather inconsistent and sloppy, but I'd really be happy to see similar results when (more than if) WG decided to put out a split.

What do you guys think? Should I try more of these, and if so what could I do better?

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