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This ship is dysfunctional. It is clearly designed to be a torpedo boat that trades gun power for torpedo performance. The problem is that the torpedoes suck ass at actually doing damage. This has been a problem for the Ognevoi ever since the VMF DD split back in 2016. I think that there are two clear ways of buffing this ship that focus on making it a working hybrid or an actually functional torpedo boat. The ship also should receive some changes to how the modules work regardless of what buff the ship receives.

General buff: Firstly we should get rid of the gun upgrade that is required to research the second hull. The upgrade should instead come with the B hull. Another rather dumb feature is that the B hull changes the torpedo tubes. A fix to this is to simply make the quintuple torpedoes avalible as a reaseachable module. This would allow players to choose between the 3×2 setup and the 5×2 setup (both of which play differently) without having to sacrifice ship performance.


Torpedo-boat buff: The first and most obvious way to buff the torpedoes is to increase their speed to 61 knots. This would allow the ship to land torpedo hits much more consistently while being balanced out by the poor torpedo damage. The second buff is to decrease the concealment to 7.4km (5.8km minimum) in order to give it a bit more flexibility in terms of spotting.

Hybrid buff: The second method (and the one I personally would like to see) is a buff to the Ognevoi's main battery. The most straightforward way of doing this is to just buff the reload to 3.5 seconds. This would give the ship a pretty sizable increase in DPM (91,200 to 129.200). That combined with the good ballistics would give this ship very competitive gunpower. It also would make the ship somewhat similar to the Grozovoi in some respects.

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Anyway, those are my thoughts on ways the ship could receive a buff based on my experiences with this ship and other tier 8 destroyers. As always feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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