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Can we get a Japanese Secondary Build Battleship?

WorldOfWarships1 - Can we get a Japanese Secondary Build Battleship?

A lot of us consider secondary builds to be at the very least fun, if not strictly viable. This is certainly true of ships like the German tech-tree Gneisenau, Bismarck, Grosser Kurfurst and the American premiums Massachusetts and Georgia. But where is the love for the Japanese navy?

Their 140mm guns have pretty good ballistics and fire nice enough shells, and ships like Nagato can already be kinda/sorta built into a secondary spec. But they lack the range to be truly effective. Part of this might be because they're casemate mounted, but their actual elevation between 20 and 35 degrees still allowed for between 15 and 20km maximum firing range (though of course effective firing range would be much lower, likely around the 8-10km mark)

It would therefore be sensible for the Japanese to receive a battleship which can be effectively built into a secondary role with a fast-firing battery and longer range. The 140mm guns would fill a good niche between the penetration of 150/152/155mm guns and the more rapid 120/127/130mm guns of other nations. Moreover, because of their role as secondary guns, they bypass the 139mm cap on BFT/AFT and make these skills more viable choices for a Japanese captain.

The biggest problem I can think of with a secondary-spec Japanese battleship is that we are quite simply running out of Japanese battleships. We may have been able to start with a Kongou-class sister, but these names are already claimed by the ARP variants of the class. Fusou's sister Yamashiro is yet to be claimed, and features sixteen 152mm guns which would serve the purpose well. Unfortunately Mutsu already exists as a premium and would be unlikely to be so heavily redesigned (as WG is loathe to do with premiums) though many players would probably enjoy that build. Ise and Hyuga are already known for their transformation into hybrid battleship-carriers so they're perhaps not the best representation either… With again ships like Amagi, Ashitaka and Kii already existing, the number of available ships is becoming very restricted. Finally, we have Tosa which to her credit was laid down and launched, though her fate was sealed by the Washington Naval Treaty and she eventually became used as a testbed for armour development and penetration tests. But she existed!

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Tosa is a suitable battleship for this concept, fitting nicely in either Tier-VII or Tier-VIII with a projected twenty 140mm casemate-mounted rifles. In this format, her 410mm main battery would of course have reduced accuracy or sigma compared to the Nagato or Amagi, but secondary battery range would likely begin at 8.5km and itself have improved dispersion and a quicker reload. Tosa lends herself very well to this concept and would make a fine inclusion to the game, offering something the IJN line notably lacks.

Plus, she might even end up with a specialty Azure Lane commander if Wargaming continues their collaboration. That would make the weebs happy. On second thoughts, maybe another IJN Azur Lane collab ship might not be a good idea. I still have nightmares about Monteplier island-sniping me…

So, any thoughts? Should the IJN get a secondary build battleship that isn't just a meme (Mikasa), or would this unnecessarily conflict with the established theme of the IJN being better long range ships than their counterparts?

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