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Carrier-ing the team?

WorldOfWarships2 - Carrier-ing the team?

So I know that carriers have been talked about to death, but I'm curious what other people think about my take on the enigma, including a few simple changes.

First off, I think that CVs are an important addition to the game and certainly should not be removed–there, I said it, I'll see you in the comments, but hear me out first! Carriers came about because people looked at ships and said, "they're vulnerable from the air!" And have played a very important role in naval warfare ever since. They absolutely have a place in this game.

My second crazy statement is that I think WG has done a decent job of keeping things balanced. Obviously it's not perfect, but never have I looked at a ship and thought, "oh, it's XYZ. Well I'm dead." Instead you adapt to each situation including enemy ship types and layout, and I think that this is a key component people gloss over with carriers.

For instance, a common complaint is about CVs focusing on them until they die. If an enemy ship of any type catches you out of position, you will be punished until you maneuver to a better position, such as fall back to the safety net of your team; why when you have to do this because of a CVis it any worse? Just the mental block of not being able to take more of an active role in your defence?

I am not saying carriers are perfect, but the above statements are simply to remind people where we're at. The game is certainly not "unplayable" and there is a lot of overeacting online. The following are a few simple changes that I think would solve a lot of the issues.

  1. Planes need to be worth more xp or credits. They have the potential to do a lot of damage to you and can run you out of a good position, but you can't take an active role to fight them? This might heal that wound a bit, and make people feel a little better about an AA build. This is my best idea for addressing the passive issue– short of an AA minigame/mode you can enter to shoot planes, which would never work. I have wiped out whole flights before they could attack me, even post rework, and I would love to be rewarded better for protecting my team like that! Similarly, an achievement could be added for shooting down enough planes.

  2. Planes should have a fuel (time limit.) They should be able to fly all of the way across a map before having to return to the carrier, but not fly around longer than that. This would drastically cut down on extended scouting runs and attack runs at long range. Perhaps even an attack run would use fuel faster. CVs might have to choose between scouting and doing damage. This would also make CV positioning more important instead of having them drop back every time. The closer a CV is to the fighting, the more dangerous it is for both of you. High risk, high reward?

  3. Fighters need a come back. CVs are an important part of naval warfare, but they need a way to interact with each other beyond wasting planes on the other carrier. An easy way to do this is add a fighter consumable that has 3 uses. When deployed, fighters seek out enemy planes that are detected within flight range until they run out of fuel (see change 2) or are shot down.

  4. A limit of one CV per team–this should absolutely apply to submarines when/if they come out as well, but that is a conversation for another post. Two CVs per side, especially without fighters to interact with each other, makes ship commanders just feel like moving targets. One is plenty.

I think each change is relatively simple but would answer a lot of the issues brought up about the rework. Thoughts?

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