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Carrier rework odd tier carrier removal suggestion and solution to avoid player grievances.

WorldOfWarships5 - Carrier rework odd tier carrier removal suggestion and solution to avoid player grievances.

Carriers took so much longer to grind than normal ships due to the limited flags and lower economy and XP. In the time it took to grind a cv, you could have done two tiers of any other line


Removing ships that took far more time to get to will create bad feelings. Carriers are not something you can speed your way up the tech tree on. It took time and dedication.


Just limit odd tier carriers to coop for now until the final carrier trees are done and the ships can be moved back into the tree. Clearly they are not going to abandon these ships/models after all the time was spent on them. Same way wargaming should not abandon the players hard work to get to the odd tier carriers.

If the highest ship a player has is odd tier:

If the highest ship you have is a T5, move the T5 to the naval yard awaiting re-activation and give them the T6.

Why not to remove ships from a player:

Removing what is a player's "property" is unpopular. Everyone remembers the debacle on amazon with them removing books without permission from amazon tablets. Removing something will always be unpopular without just compensation. Giving the XP value back only is not fair given the far longer time spent on carrier grind.


Compensation in XP is not equal to the grind to get there

If it took 3x longer to grind cv xp , then the compensation should be 3x greater. You could earn 150k,200k xp on a battleship in no time. For a carrier this too a very very long time compared to any other class. The XP time investment on a carrier is not the same as any other class and should not be treated as such.

Removing a ship that took me a year to grind to because the economics are harder will just leave cvs player feeling betrayed. Time spent is the issue with the removal.

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TLDR; Just move odd tier carriers to reserve, and limit them to coop. When the time is right, move them back. If someone's highest ship is an odd tier, bump them up to the next tier for free.

Please don't take my ships for XP, because it took far more effort and TIME to grind carrier xp than any other ship.

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