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Carrier survivability

WorldOfWarships3 - Carrier survivability

At the moment, the entire community agrees that Carriers (CVs) are neither a balanced nor fun class to play against, for the reasons I will list below.

They are capable of delivering significant damage to all classes of warship at a distance which makes retaliation impossible. This is an authentic representation of carrier capabilities.

There is no effective counter to a Carrier attack. This is an inauthentic representation of Carrier capabilities. Effective AA fire (sorry Japanese players) and ship evasive mangroves were capable of mitigating all but the largest-scale aerial attacks in the time period discussed.

Carriers are hard to spot. This is the most inauthentic element of WoW Carriers at the moment, bar perhaps their survivability, which I will discuss below. Carriers are enormous capital ships of comparable mass to battleships, and, due to their much lighter construction and need for raised flight decks, present considerable larger silhouettes for enemy gunners than any other ship type.

Further, even if hostile ships break through the fleet screen and engaged the Carriers directly, Carriers are far more survivable than is authentic. Thanks in combination to the armour angling and HP pool mechanics, CVs are far more resilient to surface gunfire than they were in reality. It took Scharnhorst only six minutes to effectively cripple Glorious, and most of that was finding the range. Yes, one might point out that the Taffy-3 escort carriers (CVEs) fared much better against Japanese surface gunfire at the battle of Samar, but this was largely due to the misuse of AP shells against the lightly-armoured CVEs and the long shell fuse type peculiar to Japanese shells.


Contrast this to the current state of World of Warships, where a heavy cruiser and two destroyers can break through the enemy screen, and, unmolested by enemy ships, close to within 10,000 yards of two Furious's and riddle them with 8" and 4.5" gunfire, as well as torpedoes, which the carriers survive. It is little wonder then, that the community rails against carriers and cries out for their being nerfed.

I would like to propose a few modest changes to improve carriers that does not change their current striking power.

An increase in their visibility to bring them in line with battleships. Given flight operations don't produce the same signature bloom as gunfire, they will still have a comparative advantage over other capital ships.

A reduction in their powers of repair to bring them in line with battleships. Carrier damage control was considerably harder than on battleships, largely due to the large, open spaces full of ammunition and aviation fuel. As such, CV repair parties should be in line with battleships and other surface units, and certainly not superior to them.

A reduction in bow and stern armour, and hit points. Carriers are giant, lightly armoured metal boxes full of ammunition, aviation fuel and very large engines. Reducing their capability to survive attack from enemy units will help balance out their extreme long range.

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