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Carriers are impossible to balance – A CV player’s perspective

WorldOfWarships2 - Carriers are impossible to balance - A CV player's perspective

After reading post after post of "stop asking WG to remove CVs, it'll never happen!" and having been in the camp myself, I've recently come to believe that's not true and it's inevitable the class will be removed or made so unpopular it effectively becomes removed from the game. This is after playing 750 CV games post rework, nearly 300 of them in the Saipan alone.

Things started to change after my playstyle shifted from trying to win games to purely damage farming (which had little effect on my winrate). I now almost exclusively target ships in the order of BB>CA>DD>CL in order to maximize damage farming and play to the strengths of the Saipan. Her rockets overpen light armor, she has too few HE bombs per drop to consistently damage small targets, and her torps are too slow to hit fast, maneuverable ships reliably.

Every match starts the same, I immediately launch fighters and rocket a choice BB for 20k combined damage within the first 2 minutes of a match. Most of the time he hasn’t had a chance to move a single square. Every time I time I do it I think to myself how I just fucked up his game. I just gimped that poor bastard and he couldn't retaliate in any meaningful way. If some of my planes get shot down, so what? I consider them consumables and budget for losses on every strike. How the fuck is a BB supposed to budget for losing 20k within 2 minutes of the round starting, before he ever has a chance to fire a shot? And then it goes on and on, following up my first strike with my choice of fires or floods until he’s dead or too far away for it to be worth sending out planes to, and then move on to the next juicy target. Is it fun for me? Sure, it’s fun to play godlike ships that don’t have to worry too much about positioning and are the most well defended against CV strikes (isn’t that a riot, the cancer ships are the most defended against cancer?).

So, what can WG do to fix this? As long as I can farm 110-215k damage in my Saipan round after round, top or bottom tier, it doesn't matter what placebos they put it in. I'm directly fucking up people's games and there's very little WG can change to get around that besides removing the class. Because WG is stats obsessed, they’re only interested in sideways changes rather than a direct nerf to keep the damage numbers where they want them to be, and players like me will quickly adapt and continue to farm.


Some placebos people think will matter:


• CV spotted ships appear on minimap only. Doesn’t stop unicum CVs from shitting on you or your teammates all round, just limits the collateral damage from their friendly ships enjoying the free spotting.

• Introduce a 30-60 second delay in the beginning of the round. This is just a 2.5-5% round-total damage nerf, that’s all. Ships will move away from support even faster, and the BB I shit on when the round starts will have moved 1 square, woohoo! Progress!

• Introduce a 45 second cooldown between launching squads. Meaningless, unicum CVs players generally aren’t recalling within that time and we’ll just adapt around that limitation. If it lowers server averages, which WG doesn’t want to see, they’ll buff CVs in a different area, likely in damage alpha. Be careful what you wish for.

• Introduce player controlled AA by hitting the 4 key. Any nerf that lets players effectively shut down strikes will reduce server averages. WG will buff plane survivability and/or buff strike alpha. Unicum CVs are itching to be able to dev strike ships again, be careful what you wish for.

• DFAA spreads drops again. Again, server averages will go down. WG will likely buff strike alpha to compensate. Unicum players will adapt by either waiting for your DFAA to go down or targeting juicy ships unprotected by DFAA (how many BBs have that consumable?).


There’re likely more suggestions I’m missing, but you get the gist. Any changes that lower CV server averages will have to be balanced by a buff somewhere else. The more the change has a chance to shut down a strike completely, the more the server average will go down and the bigger the countering buff. Most of the proposed changes will disproportionally effect potato CV players, who already comprise the majority of the playerbase. Unicum CV players will always adapt and overcome to fuck up your game. With enough alpha buffs and a wider skill gap, we'd effectively be back to the RTS days but with a shiny new, more popular, interface. There’s only one real solution to this and anyone believing otherwise is deluding themselves into thinking this situation can be fixed. No it can’t, and the best you can go for is “tolerable” because you yourself will probably choose a ship that can be well protected from a strike while your potato teammates will get dumpstered on. Discuss.

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