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Clan Battles season 10: Ship distribution and player numbers (1/2)

WorldOfWarships2 - Clan Battles season 10: Ship distribution and player numbers (1/2)

It's been a while since the last season of clan battles has ended. And as we did with last season, exar0815 and I tried to analyze this season as well.

It took longer than expected but here is our analysis of the ship distribution and ship influence of the last season of clan battles.

First of all some important information: All data is EU only, we did not track clans from other regions. Because of some hidden accounts there is also a deviation of about 2-5%. However, as long as WG does not provide the data themselves I'm afraid we can't fix this issue.

The amount of games in the headline of each graph is calculated by the total number of battles for all ships divided by 14 because there are always 14 players in a single game. Unfortunately we have no way to solve this issue (at least not yet, we are working on a solution, maybe it's ready until next season).

I already posted some grahps for the first two weeks, I won't post them again. I also won't post stats for the other weeks because they were very similar to the ones of the last week and overall stats. If you really want to see all those graphs as well, I could upload them somewhere and share a link to the album here.

In this post I'll cover the ship distribution and player numbers. There will be another post published in about a week where I will talk about statistics for specific ships and show some more graphs.

After that's been said, let's start with the graphs we posted last season:

5ekotl4ss5n51 - Clan Battles season 10: Ship distribution and player numbers (1/2)

This graph shows the overall stats for the season, including all games from all leagues.

Cruisers were played very often, that's not surprising at all. Battleships were played a bit more than Aircraft carriers, that's also not a surprise (it's just like last season).

The biggest surprise is the amount of DDs: 15.87%, that's 1.1 DD per team which means on average most teams used at least one DD, some even used two.

Now let's look at the stats for each class in detail:

The most popular cruiser was Graf Spee (the normal version and HSF version combined), 35.55% of all battles were played in a Graf Spee. That's almost 2.5 Graf Spee per team and match! The rest of the cruiser battles was played with a mix of the rest of the cruisers, the amount of smoke cruisers is surprisingly low.

Now let's look at destroyers: The most popular one was the T-61 which is not really a surprise because she's known as one of the strongest ships at her tier. T-61 was played in about 1/3 of all destroyer games, followed by Fubuki, Shinonome and Aigle with far less games, the same applies for the rest of the DDs. It's also a mix of tech tree and premium ships.

If we look at battleships, the most popular one was Izmail with 1.69% of all battles, followed by Fuso with slightly more than 1% of all battles. Overall, there's nothing really surprising about that distribution.

Now there's only one class left: Aircraft carriers

No surprise here, Ryujo was the most popular one, followed by Weser, Ranger, Ark Royal and Furious, all of them except for Ryujo were not used that often, all below 0.5% of all games.

Here's the same graph with relative percentages instead of absolute ones:

So after looking at the overall stats let's have a look at Typhoon and Hurricane. Keep in mind that this includes all games of players who were in a Typhoon or Hurricane clan at the end of the season (including squall and gale league games of these players).


Well… I can't say I'm surprised. Cruisers were a little more popular than in the overall stats (73.94% vs. 70.14%) while there were less DDs (11.95% vs. 15.87%).

There were also more aircraft carriers (9.86% vs 5.48%) and less battleships (4.25% vs 8.52%).

If we look at the distribution within each class Graf Spee was even more popular with 42.69% of all games played. That means that there were about three Graf Spees per team… on average.

The rest of the cruisers looks similar with one major difference: Smoke ships like Huanghe and Perth were more popular in higher leagues, probably because it's more difficult to be effective with them.

The distribution within destroyers is pretty similar to the overall graph with only a few changes, same applies for battleships. The amount of battles played by the ships is a bit different but it's not that much difference.

And this applies to carriers as well. While the rest of the carriers are about as popular as in the overall graph, Ruyjo is even more popular in the higher leagues.

Here's the same graph with relative percentages instead:

What does this data reveal about this season? It shows that there was a massive problem with cruisers: A single cruiser (Graf Spee) was played far more than the others, with about 50% of all cruiser games overall and about 57.7% of all cruiser games in Typhoon league and above.

Yes, Stalingrad and Venezia were quite popular last season but it was not as bad as this time. Both Stalingrad and Venezia took about 1/3 of all cruiser games in Typhoon and above, together they took 66% of all cruiser games. But that were two ships. This time we have a single ship that was played almost as often as two ships last season. This shows that there is a serious issue regarding balancing and offering different playstyles at tier 6 competitive gameplay.

Let's compare a few more facts: Last season there were about 131k games total in all leagues, this season we had only about 77k games overall. That's a decrease of about 41%.

And it's even worse in Typhoon and Hurricane: Last season we had about 32.5k games, this season there were only about 13.7k games. That's a decrease of almost 58%.

So as we can see, it seems like there were some serious issues with this season. Yes, I expected it to be less games than last season simply because it's summer and people were able to go outside again. But that really doesn't explain this huge difference. So in my opinion these numbers show very well that players didn't like both tier 6 and carriers in clan battles.

Here are two more graphs, I won't comment on them because we don't have data to compare them with last season (last season we started tracking the stats at the end, this season we tracked it every day):

Player development by day

Distribution by league

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