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Clan Battles Season 10 – Ship distribution week 1+2

WorldOfWarships5 - Clan Battles Season 10 - Ship distribution week 1+2

Hello everyone,

some of you maybe remember my post where I showed the ship distribution of last season (those who don't know what I'm talking about: Have a look here).

Exar and I did the same thing for this season, but this time we started at the beginning of the season so we should be able to track more data and especially more precise data.

Now here's some data for the current season. As of now, we have data for week 1 and week 2.

I'll also try to publish the data for the next week as soon as it's available.

We plan to do separate grahps for typhoon and hurricane league like last season but as of now there are not enough clans in this leagues to get meaningful data. I assume it will take at least another week to get more data from these leagues.

Disclaimer: If you add the values for BBs and CVs you may get something slightly above the theoretical maximum of 14.3%. This is due to rounding errors and some minor deviations caused by the way we have to use to get data. Usually deviation should be less than 0.5%. As long as WG does not provide official stats, that's the closes we can get with a reasonable amount of work.

Let's have a look at week 1:

6vpplp9rndd51 - Clan Battles Season 10 - Ship distribution week 1+2

Absolute distribution for week 1

I think it's not a surprise at all, but it confirms what most of you probably expected:

Graf Spee is by far the most popular ship. On average, there are 2 Graf Spees in every team (1 per team would mean about 14.3%) while the other cruisers are used a lot less.

I'm also a bit surprised by the amount of DDs, there's a bit more than 1 DD per team on average, the most used ship here is T-61.

Battleships are also used more than aircraft carriers, that's something I didn't expect. But overall data for last season was similar, only typhoon and hurricane clans preferred CV over BBs. For this season, there is not enough top league data yet.

Within their class, multiple BBs are used with Izmail being the most popular one. Not surprised at all. But the distribution within the class is not as bad as last season.

Also no surprise when looking at CV. Ruyjo is the most used ship, followed by Ark Royal and the rest of the CV. Reminds me of Haku vs the rest last season.


Here's the same graph but with relative distribution (the amount within each class):

Relative distribution for week 1

Now let's have a look at week 2. First we will start with the overall data, inlcuding week 1's data as well:

Absolute distribution for week 2

Nothing has really changed, Graf Spee is played more than before and BBs are played a little bit more than last week.

The distribution within the classes has changed a bit but nothing that was really unexpected.

Here's the same graph with relative distribution:

Relative distribution for week 2

Now let's have a look at data from week 2 only:

Absolute distribution for week 2 only

It confirms what the previous graph has already shown:

Graf Spee has become even more popular (33.57% vs 28.92%) which means that right now there are about 2.5 Graf Spees per team.

The distribution of the other cruisers has changed a bit as well but nothing really unexpected.

The rest of the classes remains almost unchanged except for a small increase of battleship games.

Here's the relative graph:

Relative distribution for week 2 only

If you have any questions or ideas to improve this, let me know in the comments 🙂

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