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Clan Battles season 11: Ship distribution and analysis

WorldOfWarships7 - Clan Battles season 11: Ship distribution and analysis

Hello everyone,

It's been a week since the end of season 11 of clan battles, "Northern Waters". And as I did for the last two seasons, here is my analysis of the ship distribution of this clan battle season.

As always, an important reminder: This data is for EU clans only! If an EU clan played on another server, the graphs include that data. However, they do NOT include data from clans from other regions who played on EU during EU prime time!

I'd also expect a deviation of about 2-5% because we are unable to track data from players with hidden stats and I cannot guarantee that all data from the api was processed properly (it should but I simply cannot guarantee this).

The amount of games shown in the header of the graphs is calculated by the sum of the total number of battles for each ship divided by 14 since in a 7v7 there are always 14 players per battle which results in 14 individual games tracked (1 for each player).

After that's being said, let's start with the analysis and some pictures. I will show data from the middle of the season (at the end of week 3) and from the end of the season (after week 7). I will not analyze weekly data in detail, if you have any questions about that data feel free to ask in the comments or have a look at the HelpMe or KOTS discord where this data was posted every week. It's simply too much to include everything in this analysis.

If you are only interested in the summary, skip to the end of the post and ignore the detailed analysis which covers most of the post.

Week 3

Week 3 overall

Let's start with the absolute ship distribution at the end of week 3, almost half way through this season:

This graph shows data for all leagues. We can see Petropawlowsk with 17.16% of all games played which means on average there was a bit more than 1 Petro per team in every game. Not that bad, we had the same with Des Moines or Stalingrad in previous seasons. Directly behind Petro there is Stalingrad with 10.89% of all games. On average that's a bit less than 1 Stalingrad per team/game which looks pretty fine too. Stalingrad and Petro are followed by Hindenburg, Moskva, Des Moines and Venezia, each of them played between 3 and 5% of all games. I'd like to compare this data with season 9, unfortunately we have no data for the first weeks of season 9, we only started tracking this data at the end of that season. That's why I won't compare the week3 results with that season. However, I will compare the week 7 results with the results of season 9 later in this analysis.

If we have a look at battleships, there is also a pretty nice distribution between multiple ships. Surprisingly, Kurfürst was the most played battleship at this point. On average, there were more teams who used 2 BBs instead of a CV.

Data for destroyers is also not really a surprise. Halland is the most played DD, mostly thanks to her AA capabilities and probably also because of her extremely fast long range torpedoes. What else to expect if there's a CV?

At last we have a look at aircraft carriers: They were played in 7.59% of all games so a bit more than half of all teams used a CV, that matches with the amount of BBs I mentioned above. There are no real surprises here too, MvR being the most popular CV with Hakuryu at rank 2, followed by Midway and FDR. Audacious was almost never played but I guess noone who reads this is surprised by that (actually, there were 1321 Audacious games, however, there were also 30273 games with MvR).

Week 3 Typhoon and Hurricane

Now, let's have a look at the data for typhoon and hurricane league from week 3. As always, keep in mind that this is an approximation and not 100% precise since we had to use a few tricks to determine which games were played in which league. It doesn't only include the games in this league but all games from players from clans who were in Typhoon league or higher at the end of week 3.

Well… how to describe this… Let's call the ship distribution "a little bit one-sided". 34.42% of all games were played in a Petropawlowsk. That's about 2.5 Petros in every team, every game! Remember the complaints after season 9 with Stalingrad and Venezia? Well, Venezia was only played in 27.43% of all games that season. Petro is followed by Stalingrad with 10.06%, that's still a bit more than 1 Stalingrad per team but that's not that bad. As I mentioned before, a ship that is present in basically every single game does not necessarily mean that it's unbalanced, especially in the case of Stalingrad it is really popular because of the BB limit in clan battles. There is no other cruiser as affective at creating crossfires with a BB than Stalingrad, at least on long range. Stalingrad is followed by Goliath and Venezia, their percentages look pretty fine. The rest of the cruisers was played far less but I don't think anyone is surprised by that and it's not uncommon that some ships just don't fit into clan battles (again, this does not mean that a ship is bad, they are balanced for random games so this is a natural consequence).

Looking at BBs, we can see that there were some clans who used double BB instead of BB+CV, even in typhoon league and above. The distribution within the class is not unexpected either, with Ohio being the most popular BB followed by Kremlin. What is a bit surprising though is the popularity of Thunderer and Bourgogne. However, I assume this is because they can take advantage from CV spotting at long range by using both HE and AP at almost any range.

Now, let's have a look at CVs. On average, there was a bit less than 1 CV per team which matches with the BB games. The most popular one was MvR, followed by FDR and Hakuryu. Midway was almost never played and Audacious had a total of 9 games at this point. Again, I'm not surprised, not at all. MvR has pretty strong AP bombs and rockets while also having extremely fast planes which allows her to spot enemies very fast and also deal a good amount of damage that's hard to avoid. Roosevelt has the advantage of almost invincible planes (at least it feels like that) which allows her to spot and attack without risking too much when getting caught in enemy AA. Steel is not that rare among most typhoon clans so it doesn't really surprise me that there were quite a few players who have her.

At last we have a look at destroyers. They were played in 9.01% of all games which means that on average there were about 0.6 DDs per team. The most popular one was Halland, no surprise at all, thanks to CVs. The rest of the DDs however… they were not really popular.

Week 3 summary

A first resumee after looking at these results: Overall the ship distribution was fine, but the distribution in typhoon and hurricane was pretty bad. Just like in season 9.


Season 11 results

Season 11 overall results

Now let's have a look at the data from the end of the season. Let's start with the overall data:

Petro became a little bit more popular during the season and the distribution of the other cruisers changed a bit but not much. A little bit less Petro would be great but I don't really see a problem with this distribution.

The amount of BBs, DDs and CVs remained almost the same so I don't think I have to go into details again. Even though there were some minor changes, this doesn't look too bad.

Season 11 Typhoon and Hurricane results

Let's compare this with typhoon and hurricane data:

Surprisingly, it looks a bit better than in week3! There were a bit less Petro games, Stalingrad remains at almost the same amount of games and Goliath became a bit more popular. The other cruisers didn't really change so nothing unexpected to see here.

Interestingly, the amount of BBs is a little bit higher than in week 3 while the amount of CVs has been slightly reduced.

There was also a slight increase in the amount of DD games. However, the distribution within each class remains similar to week 3.

Season 11 summary

At the end the ship distribution looks pretty fine if we only look at the overall data from all leagues. However, if we have a look at typhoon and hurricane only, it gets significantly worse with a single ship (Petro) being extremely dominant. It's not as bad as with Venezia and Stalingrad in season 9 (together they were played in 53.63% of all games that season) but I still think that this distribution is not really good. If we look at DDs, it gets even worse, there was basically only a single DD available: Halland. That's not because Halland is OP or something like that, it's simply because she is the only DD that has a chance against CVs. Smaland has the same AA but lacks the defensive AA consumable which is probably the reason why most clans used Halland instead even though Smaland has better firepower (but lacks Halland's great torpeodes and usually a DDs firepower is not that important in clan battles).

Season 11 additional details

Unfortunately, only a few players/clans ever achieve these top leagues so they are only a small part of the participants of clan battles. The following graph shows the distribution by league (based on the number of players, not clans!):

Now let's compare this season with the previous season(s):

This shows the amount of games played by day. As we can see, there was a massive increase compared to season 10. There was not even a single day with less games than the previous season. This may be related due to this season taking place in autumn while the previous one took place in summer but I don't think this explains the whole difference. Unfortunately, we have no data like that for season 9 so I cannot compare them here.

In total, about 134500 games have been played on EU during this season. In season 10, there were about 76700 games. This means that there was an increase of 75% for this season. However, the number of players who participated remained almost the same, there were only about 750 players more this season than last season. If we compare this with season 9, we get almost similar results: In season 9 there were about 131100 games played, a little bit less than in this season. However, in season 9 there were about 2.3k less players than in this season.

After all that data there remains one question: WG said that cyclones should limit aircraft carriers ability to spot. But did they really do that? Well, let's find out: This graph shows the spotting damage for each ship in all leagues:

And this is the one for typhoon and hurricane only:

Well, for me this still looks like CVs spot a lot more than other classes (which is not unexpected) but also confirms that the spotting argument to justify cyclones was shit. Yes, it would probably be worse without cyclones in this regard but I'm not sure if that would be so much better.

Although damage is not as important in CB as it is in random battles (you are not rewarded based on damage but based on the victory and you sometimes end up with almost no damage), the following data is quite interesting (I'll only look at overall data in this case but it's quite similar to the typhoon and hurricane data):

Battleships are the ships with the highest amount of damage but there are also some CVs between them. This shows the amound of damage a Richthofen or Roosevelt can deal compared to other ships and especially other CVs, probably explaining why they were used so often (Richthofen in this case, FDR was still quite rare).

That being said, thank you for reading this whole post. If you have any questions or ideas how to improve this or just general feedback, feel free to leave that in the comments, I always try to make this analysis as interesting as possible even though it is quite difficult to make lots of boring numbers look interesting.

I also want to thank exar0815 for the graphs, without him you would have only some boring tables and not these nice and shiny (and hopefully easy to understand) graphs.

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