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Clans have “choice” and other fallacies in today’s blog post about clan battles.

WorldOfWarships7 - Clans have "choice" and other fallacies in today's blog post about clan battles.

Wargaming today has released their thoughts on the previous horrific clan battles season and I am here to argue their post.

First off, why doesn’t WG release the data from their surveys and allow us to draw conclusions from it? Their bias is suspect and we might see things in the data that they aren’t talking about, either intentionally or unintentionally.

“The dynamic of these battles came close to what we ultimately want to achieve: clans are not limited in their choice of setups, can choose any ships, and apply various tactics”

Well, right off the bat, this is a huge fallacy. Teams were absolutely limited. First choice being able to bring a CV or a BB. I don’t think that’s “choice.” The rest of that statement is then completely false, clans are absolutely limited in their choice of setup and ships. WG by inclusion of CV’s limited the choice of BB’s, and in the higher leagues, effectively banished them from the mode. The amount of DD’s this past season was way down, because both setups did not favor a DD. If a clan was going to take a fast pushing BB comp, they pretty much had to take 6 cruisers for HP and DPM. WG, you seriously wanted to achieve a 6/1 ratio of CV’s vs BB’s?? Really?? And a higher than 2/1 ratio of Stalingrad Venezia to 12 other cruisers?? And have you looked at DD utilization and realized that HAlland was used higher than a 2/1 ratio than the other 13 T10 DD’s

“And the basis for victory is a carefully planned strategy and team skills”

Better teams beat worse teams despite the setup?? Is that what this is arguing? So then why did the meta in high tiers shift to 1 Hak, 2 Stalins and 4 Venezias?? I would argue that the reverse is actually true. Skilled players were forced into a meta with very little strategy being employed and had to play the min max comps against each other or they would lose against that min max comp. And the statement about a single mistake costing a game supports that. Unique comps were useless against the CV spotting meta with endless Venezias. And can you really say that victory is victory for gale, squall and storm if they did not progress out of those leagues and into Typhoon and Hurricane to face the min max comps of Haks, Stalins, and Venezias? If they didn’t progress out of those leagues with their “choice of setup and ship” then they weren’t winning enough and “choice of setup and ships” did not help them.

“Individual balance of ships, among which Hakuryu and Venezia stand out the most”

So here we get into their plug for nerfing Hak and Venezia. They are nerfing Hakuryu’s AP, yet in their previous paragraph detailing the problems for Typhoon and Hurricane, nowhere are the AP bombs for Hakuryu mentioned. CV Damage output is not mentioned. You know what is mentioned?? QUICK AND EFFICIENT CV SPOTTING. Guess what isn’t getting nerfed right now?? QUICK AND EFFICIENT CV SPOTTING. So they detailed an issue and are already ignoring it. We will have to see how the angle nerf for SAP pen affects Venezia, obviously it’s going to change the range where it is most effective against armored decks. But I think most players in Hurricane and Typhoon would point to its survivability as being a bigger problem. It’s too maneuverable, gets 3 Get out of Jail free cards with smoke and has a decent armor scheme.

“Aircraft carriers “spotting”

In this portion they talk about what an impact CV spotting had on Clan Battles and then they detail the issues on why they think it will be impossible for them to adjust or fix it. They don’t want to create different mechanics for clan battles as opposed to the rest of the game and I think the player base is in wholehearted agreement with them there. The obvious, easy and player supported choice that fixes the spotting and doesn’t have a 2 tier implementation between clan battles and the rest of the game is to simply remove CV’s from CB’s.


“Destroyers and aircraft carriers”

WG details that they will be testing decreasing DD’s air spotting range in half, but in turn changing the bloom detection from their AA guns to 20 SECONDS!! So make it harder for the CV to find you, but if it does find you and you try to defend yourself…. SCREW YOU!! I would also argue that this change would in turn continue to hurt lower skilled DD players, that WG has already shown so much disdain for in previous statements, more than it would hurt higher skilled players that would understand the mechanic better.

“Player suggestions”

This is the section of the blog that details the popular player suggestions and why the player base is stupid to suggest them and that WG will be promptly ignoring them. 😀 Read it and see if that assessment is wrong….

“Fighter suggestion”

They want to maintain the standardization of plane spotting mechanics. Why not?? You guys went with wonky pen mechanics by changing HE pens on exact same guns to different numbers. Why would changing this be such a problem?? I see a lot less complication in fighter spotting changes than I do in HE changes recently.

“We aim to conduct clan battles where all 4 main classes in our game will be presented”

Too many members of top level clans aimed to play games and game modes that are fun and did not find clan battles with CV’s fun and consequently stopped playing. Further inclusion of CV’s over the negativity of the player base is not very encouraging.

“Season X will be conducted in a 7×7 format on Tier VI ships without any weather events. The restrictions remain the same: one CV or BB for one team.”

You could have just as easily said that you recognize player concerns, but we don’t care, because here is a clan battles season that addresses none of the problems that were just laid out, it will only change the names of the ships in place of Hakuryu, Venezia and Stalingrad.

“At this tier, aircraft carriers play a more supporting role”

You mean like spotting??? No one in Hurricane and Typhoon was complaining that the problem with CV’s in T10 was their damage output. It is their spotting abilities. Guess what T6 CV’s can do just as effectively?? Spot.

“With the lack of radar and no heal for cruisers, T6 clan battles might become a refreshing experience, especially for destroyers.”

Hmm…. which cruiser became the most used in high leagues in the T8 season?? Edinburgh. Guess what exists at T6… British cruisers with heals and Graf Spee. Did you guys seriously just say “no heals for cruisers” Did you guys really think this through when you champion that there are no heals for cruisers? Or did you just pull this T6 season out of a hat over the weekend? Because that’s what it seems like. Guess what no radar leads to?? Stale smoke meta.

We don’t want CV’s in clan battles, period!! We don’t care what tier they are. They are unbalanced, lead to a stale meta, and changing the tier won’t fix that. If WG can’t fix them, then get them out of here until you can. Also, many players did not find the T8 season with 4+ DD’s very “refreshing.” (I did though, actually) If you recognize that there were problems with CV's in CB's and are gonig away from T10 to address those issues, why not just pick a tier that didn't have CV's and let us all take a collective deep breath over the summer? Quit shoving it down our throats.

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