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Comparing Midway Tiny Tims vs. HVAR post-horizontal reticle change

WorldOfWarships5 - Comparing Midway Tiny Tims vs. HVAR post-horizontal reticle change


As a 2.5 million XP, Super unicum Midway player (,IntoTheDusk/), I really wanted to test these two rocket types together since the update that recently changed Tiny Tim dispersion. Here are the tests:


Ship layout is with my 19 point Halsey captain (,10,11,15,16,24,25,29&ship=AirCarrier) and all standard upgrades, using the health upgrade in the 6th slot.

I set up a training room with 3 different scenarios, only using rocket attack planes:

1: Killing high level AI, moving/armed Kleber (since no possibility of smoke being used) with attacks starting broadside (best case);

2: Same as 1 but with attacks starting head-on (worst case);

3: Same as 1 but with a Montana instead to simulate capital ships.

Trials: 3 per experiment. Stats tracked: Time to kill (TTK), fires set per minute (FPM), fire damage as % of HP.

Average Results Across Trials:

Tiny Tims: 1: 2:27 TTK, 1.58 FPM. (~24% Fire Damage)

2: 3:04 TTK, 1.32 FPM. (~34% Fire Damage)

3: 3:14 TTK, 1.23 FPM. (~52% Fire Damage)

HVARs: 1: 3:02 TTK, 0.73 FPM. (~20% Fire Damage)

2: 3:33 TTK, 0.59 FPM. (~22% Fire Damage)

3: 4:53 TTK, 1.07 FPM. (~76% Fire Damage)



Tiny Tims seem to be much better in general than HVARs, but there was also higher variability across individual attack runs with Tiny Tims. Several runs would do absolutely nothing, while other runs would do upwards of 8,000. This is contrasted with HVAR, which almost always did 2-5k per strike. This is also evidenced by the fact that there is a smaller gap between best and worst case scenarios in HVAR vs. Tiny Tims. This indicates that it will take more player skill to line up the Tiny Tims than HVAR, since an actively dodging destroyer is harder to hit.

That said, there are two major points that destroy the argument for HVAR in my eyes. The first is the preparation distance: Tiny Tims still holds almost an entire kilometer of advantage when it comes to preparing a full attack, which made repeated attacks faster even if they might whiff from time to time. The second is obvious: when it comes to killing battleships, Tiny Tims outperform HVAR so hard it's not even funny. If I got unlucky with fires on HVAR, it would take 6+ minutes to kill the Montana, while Tiny Tims were reasonably consistent in being below 4 minutes.


Use Tiny Tims on Midway still. They feel much worse than before but are still miles better than HVAR in its current iteration.

That said, this is a nerf more profoundly felt by the other Tiny-Tims-like CVs: Graf Zepplin and Saipan don't have an option to compare it to, and Lexington Tiny Tims were always debatable due to only having 6 rockets per payload. In my opinion, stick with the HVAR on Lexington, since the chance of whiffing an attack entirely is just too high there.

Any other thoughts? I know these trials are hardly fully representative of the full game but I think Tiny Tims are still the clear choice regardless.

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