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Constructive criticism and discussion on CV gameplay

WorldOfWarships1 - Constructive criticism and discussion on CV gameplay

I'm not a CV main at all, and although I have been around since CBT I am a very, very casual gamer 1600+ games and no T10 yet, T9 is highest (ok it doesn't help that I would get to T6 or T7 and then change my mind about what ship I want or get distracted by the latest shiny, but the fact remains I am only just unlocking T8 ships and have a single T9 bought with coal).


I see so many posts on here that are vitriolic, insulting and needlessly aggressive that I though I would try to get a thread going where we can put some constructive criticism towards carrier gameplay and its influence on the gameplay of other ships.

Please if your only input is "sky cancer", "CV players are scum" or "Just remove CVs from the game" don't bother with this thread – there are plenty of other threads that are full of unhelpful comments such as these.

With that wall of text out of the way, here are some thoughts/suggestions for modifying CVs. By all means pull them apart, but please be civil about it.

  • There needs to be a maximum of 1 CV per side in a match.

  • A launch delay needs to be added to CVs, similar to the pre-rework timer

  • The fighter consumable work off of a radial menu and only usable on friendly ships. For example when you press "B" and target a friendly ship, you can issue orders specific to that particular ship, I suggest that a CV player sees an option in this menu to "assign fighter squadron". This would have the benefit to the CV player that they wouldn't need to fly their squadron to the teammate and "drop" a fighter there, which would allow them great positional freedom, but would also mean that they could not harass DDs by dropping a fighter consumable on their position.

  • Limited duration flight time for planes.

  • Secondary armament selectable (i.e. button 1=AP, button 2=HE, button3=Torpedoes, button4=Secondaries), but only if the manual secondaries captain skill is selected. Otherwise AA would work as it does today. There would be a targeting reticule for them to aim flak bursts/continuous DPS but with travel time/input lag and sigma values to allow CV players to maneuver for avoidance. Obviously the penalty for increased AA ability would be that you are not able to maneuver the ship beyond the auto-pilot when manning the AA guns.

  • CV tech tree split to major/minor purchases. The CV itself would remain the main unlock on the even levels (T4, T6, T8 and T10) with plane upgrades forming the minor unlocks on the odd levels.

  • CV matchmaking modified to -1/+1 or -1/+2 (although this has implications for divisions)

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