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[Contest] Orca Legends – Who’s got the biggest ?

WorldOfWarships3 - [Contest] Orca Legends - Who's got the biggest ?


Since 01/06, we’ve launch on our Discord for French clan “Orca” an internal challenge, that, thank(s to Wargamin help with nice recompenses, is now open for everyone, the “Orca Legends”.

It’s easy to compete, you just have to share your best games in Cruiser or Destroyer, then, using a formula similar to the “PR” of Wows-numbers, you’ll earn a score.

At the end of the challenge, the one’s that will earn the best score will be rewarded as follow (One for DD, one for CA)

-1rst : Premium T7 Ship T7 from shop

-2nd : Premium T6 Ship T6 from shop

-3rd : Premium T5 Ship T5 from shop

-4e et 5e : 1 Premium French Container (for the French DD)

-6e à 10e : Normal French Container

The rules :

Each result must be saved on this google form that will stock all your results et allow us to compute your score.

The form will ask you a link to the screenshots of your result (first screen) and the one with the detailed result (third one). You can past your screen in any discord, and right click => copy link, or use any site.

Rules :

– Your screen must be taken during period of the tournament (01/06 to 31/07)

– The different ship’s index will not be mixed. Ex.: A Des Moines with a game at 180 points will not be confronted to a Shimakaze at 150points.

– The classes that will participate in the tournament will be announced on the forum.

– There is no distinction between tier’s index: raise the anchor of your best ship !

– If you cheat, your results will be canceled.


– No test ship, only researchable ships / premium ships that have been / are available to all can be picked (Any ship with which you can get achievements)

– Only normal mode, that means Random / Ranked / Clan Battle

– EU server

– The organization can cancel a participation if there is a non-fair play behavior.

– Only one prize per account, if you're 3rd in DD's and 4th in CA, you'll receive only the DD prize

You can simulate your index on this link:, and see your score (We try to update the score regularly)

Please, enable the replay of your games. We could ask for them to confirm your results.

For all your questions, you can PM Bibimeyyi or myself (Eskaman).

We’d like to thank Tanatoy for the help in getting recompenses 😉

Disclaimer : The formula is quite simple, and is only here to enable a score, choices has been made (Importance given on number of kill first, then damage, then potential damage, then spotting), with the aim of having a easy to use formula, we do know that other choices could have been made. Feel free to comment on what would be the perfect formula for you, but understand that we had to choose one 😉

Wows forum post :

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