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Could some people stop the hypocracy already?

WorldOfWarships7 - Could some people stop the hypocracy already?

So yesterday four new ships were presented to us, and three of them are tier X ships, this really made me hyped, but comments of some people made me realise that even when WG has taken bad choices, some people in our community don't really deserve the effort WG does.

People complaining about "More USN premium ships…", even "Another french premium…" and pointing out that british and german lines are premium-less at this point, but now, what happens when you introduce a paper based line that was totally created taking only a few commisioned ships, some undone and not even done ships into a tech tree line?, people start complaining about "No more paper ships", "Why paper ships when we could have ships that existed in real life".

This makes me think about the hypocracy of the community on a remarkable tree, the German tree, if you really want a hightier German premium, for sure it won't have an actually commissioned ship, just paper projects (H project is the most known, for DDs and Cruisers the actual plans are difficult to find or directly unexistent). Would people start complaining about paper ships again?. Yes, and as is well known in this community, once WG makes a change, there will be someone who will be unhappy always, doesn't matter how good or bad WG's move was, there will be always some part of the community unhappy, lets see another example.


Guilio cesare's drama, remember when it got moved at tier VI?, i agree that this is playing with player's money, but what happened in the recent update made before that drama?, We got Aigle, Kii, Hood and Sims buffed.

Lets see what happens here with the classic argument of people who bought Guilio césare (Not saying everyone though the same). "Thats misleading advertising because they are selling us the product we didn't buy", but some funny thing i found is that some player on reddit that had this classic argument on his "Don't nerf guilio césare List" was asked by my self about this premium ships who got buffed lately, he said he had aigle, said nothing else, so i asked him…

"Why aren't you complaining about Aigle, if is literally misleading advertising because they are selling you the ship you didn't pay for?". Got no answer. But the hypocracy of some people on this community when they nerf one of their premiums, but not when one of them get buffed, is colossal.

tl;dr. Community is hypocrite with critizing another USN premium and French premium when they were commisioned while critizing paper ships, that are the ones they want for german line. As well as critizing Guilio césare's nerf as misleading advertising, but not the premium ships that got buffed before the GC drama, despite both cases being "the ships they didn't pay for"

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