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Could we at least try and be better?

WorldOfWarships5 - Could we at least try and be better?

Honestly, its just like the title says. Obligatory I've played since CBT took a break and came back some months ago and all that.

It's really annoying seeing how people have been behaving recently, both in and out of game. In game there is tons of toxic players who think they are Neptune's gift to ships and are actually just plain boring to play with. Getting angry at new players or people who don't take this game super competitively isn't gunna make them want to improve or even keep playing for that matter. Even CCs are guilty of this. I was watching a recent video on Lepanto from a CC, who was on a CC account btw, and instead of discussing the topic listed at the beginning of the video spent their whole video complaining about the positioning of their teammates and even typing about it in chat. It's annoying to listen to, I didn't even learn what I was hoping to learn from them. They easily could have used it as a teaching moment in their video and said 'Look these guys aren't positioned the best, this is where they could be more effective instead' but no it was all about how they were useless.

I'm not saying it isn't annoying having poor teammates but it's important to remember that not everyone is trying to be a pro at it. I know players who just enjoy the concept of the game and are totally free to play. I personally try and play this game competitively as well being in a fairly well ranked clan and we still have fun. Besides, some of the best players I know or see are never toxic in chat, have confidence in your skill not your mouth in my opinion.


On the out of game side and similarly to a similar post earlier, all I keep hearing about is how the rework has ruined the game…. it hasn't if anything I notice very little difference to normal. Dead Eye is a sketch skill but idk if the BB who clapped me into next week had it or not, I was just showing to much broadside. That's MY bad and MY mistake, to me a lot of times blaming that skill just sounds like an excuse for a misplay. It could be true that the skill was the deciding factor but I don't know, that's the key aspect is I don't KNOW what that guy's CO skills are. WG will see how things go once everyone stops panicking over the skills and can assess the actual impact, if they knee-jerk patch things then it'll end up like BF5 and be bad throughout. It's also like we haven't proclaimed that the end times were nigh before with this game.

tldr: It's not hard to keep a good outlook on things with this game, be respectful to players and limit your toxicity, especially if you are a CC and have a platform as you set an example, raise issues with a clear reasoning behind them and offer an alternative or use it as a teaching moment. Secondly, chill out with the doomsday posts, it's lame and overdone.

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