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Cristoforo Colombo, as is, is a disappointment

WorldOfWarships7 - Cristoforo Colombo, as is, is a disappointment

As of patch 10.3, I'm of the opinion that Colombo might be the weakest and worst Tier 10 battleship currently available to players, be it premium or not. I should've seen it coming when Lesta started nerfing it with every iteration of supertest (the very same thing happened with the Tier 10 Italian heavy tank Rinoceronte in World of Tanks), and the result is a ship that trades away almost everything for a couple questionable gimmicks (SAP and fuel smoke).

First of all, let's address the most obvious issue which is the guns. Yes, it's 16 shells per salvo, they have good velocity and SAP have insane ricochet angles… and they also have Lyon accuracy – that is to say, you fire those 16 guns, you're firing Uncle Scrooge's blunderbuss. Put in layman's terms, the huge shell count is not an advantage, it is necessary to get something out of each volley – quantity over quality, as it would.

Then there's the lack of range and poor reload speed, you'll see why I put these two together in a moment. Colombo has an appalling range of 18.9km and while it can be extended with the spotter plane, remember how bad said plane's cooldown is? How many times will you use it in a 20 minute match? Three? Four? And let's not forget all other Tier 10 BBs outrange Colombo and can farm it with impunity, safe from retaliation. As for reload speed, it is the second worst after Vermont's, and like with Italian cruisers, cycling shell type is mandatory to get reasonably good damage – SAP for angled targets, AP for broadsides.


And here's why I put these two issues together. What's the best way to counter them? Luigi Sansonetti, because his perk improves base range after one kill (very easy to trigger) and because his improved Gun Feeder makes switching shells 75% faster. I thought legendary commanders were fancy addons, is Lesta telling us Colombo is the first example of a ship where having a legendary commander is mandatory?

And lastly, the armor profile is quite deceiving. The outer plating is really good with a large midsection that is proof against overmatch and most low-mid caliber HE shells. If a shell goes through however, expect to lose health easily, and the fact that this ship has what is for all intents and purposes a purely cosmetic turtleback is, well, disappointing to say the least. Heavy cruisers will farm you with normal penetrations, so they do not care about getting citadels, whereas battleships will citadel you if you overangle.

I doubt much will be done to improve this ship, but if I had any say on the matter, I'd ask for the following

  1. Improve sigma to at least 1.7 to make those 16-shell salvos the threat they were supposed to be.

  2. Instead of a regular spotter plane, use one similar to the one Lazo has – many charges, a very fast cooldown, but a short action time (like, 60 sec duration, 45 sec cooldown, 7 charges). Sort of an in-built Eye in the Sky perk, if you will.

And that should be all. Congrats if you managed to read this far and I hope I got my point across. I've tagged this as a discussion so everyone can drop their 2c on the matter – are you fine with Colombo as it is, or do you believe it needs tweaking? If the latter, what would you do?

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